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Federalism in Action

The federal government has massively overstepped its Constitutional bounds and citizens across the country have become outraged and activated to combat this.  The 60 state think tank members of SPN - at least one in every state in the country - are fighting back against the political class to bring about long-lasting policy change toward greater freedom, less government intrusion into our lives and a greater adherence to our founding, Constitutional principles, particularly the 10th Amendment.

 Federalism in Action is an exciting new project of State Policy Network to equip our state think tank members - and others in the freedom movement - with the resources, tools, information and coordination to mobilize states to reclaim power co-opted by the federal government.  Ultimately, the power of government is in your hands.  We must fight back against the political class in our country and restore individual liberty, economic freedom and self-governance.

You can be a part of this movement:

  • Join the efforts of the state think tank in YOUR state
  • Engage your state think tank in this fight by utilizing the tools below
  • Invest in our efforts to push back against the federal government and restore power to the people by making a contribution to Federalism in Action today

What is Federalism?

Federalism is a foundational principle of the American Republic.  It asserts that the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.  This concept is enshrined in the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Further Reading:

Federalism: The Founders Formula for Freedom

For a great primer on the importance of the concept of federalism to our freedom and liberty, read this article by Congressman Rob Bishop (Utah) published by the Institute for Policy Innovation. 


Reviving Our "Laboratories of Democracy"

Rob Sanchez of the James Madison Institute in Florida outlines the critical role of states in setting the agenda for American public policy.


The Tenth Amendment Protects Our Liberty

Former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz and Former Texas Supreme Court Justice Scott Brister outline the history of the 10th Amendment and the Founders' intent.


What Can My State Do to Fight Back?

States have many actions they can take to push back against the federal government.  From transportation to education to homeland security, states have the opportunity to fight back and restore the federal government to its Constitutional role. Below are ideas and policy suggestions on what you can do in your state. Check back regularly for more updates:

Cities and Counties Strike Back

Utilizing Article V

Returning More Power to the States is the Natural Evolution in Homeland Security

The Death of Fiscal Federalism


Other Resources on Federalism

Restore the Tenth Coalition

Texas Public Policy Foundation Center for Tenth Amendment Studies

Goldwater Institute Center for Constitutional Government

Tenth Amendment Center

Save Our States

Citizens Guide to the Tenth Amendment


Like what you see? Contribute today to keep our momentum going and fight back against the federal government overreach!


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