State Policy Network

Advanced Talent & Career Transitions

Atlas Network Leadership Academy – a robust series of credit-based training opportunities that allows individuals to sharpen skills in management, communications, and fundraising while building a free-market organization. The flexible course catalog allows you to practice what you’re learning as you learn it, with opportunities ranging from online courses and in-person workshops to one-on-one mentoring relationships.

Talent Market – Talent Market, an entity of DonorsTrust, is dedicated to identifying, placing, and retaining talent in key mid and senior-level roles within liberty-oriented nonprofit organizations.

Mercatus Center – For over 30 years, the Mercatus Center at George Mason University has recruited, trained, and supported graduate students who have gone on to careers in academia, government,  business, and public policy.

Institute for Humane Studies – IHS supports and inspires graduate students and faculty through many opportunities, including seminars, scholarships, online videos and programming, and career resources.