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AEI launches new docuseries, “Faces of Policy”

Friedrich Hayek wrote in The Constitution of Liberty, “Law in its ideal form might be described as a ‘once-and-for-all’ command that is directed to unknown people.” While a goal worth striving for in theory, in practice many laws nevertheless fall short. The purpose of “Faces of Policy” is to ensure the individuals affected by those laws don’t remain unknown, in the hope that those imperfect laws will evolve toward the ideal as a result. “Faces of Policy” is a new docuseries produced by AEI, in which our scholars listen to the individuals whose lives are most affected by the research fields they study and the policies they advocate.

In the inaugural series, Dr. Sally Satel interviews former opioid addicts about the factors that led to their addiction, what steps helped them overcome it, and the tangible impact different proposed policies would have on their lives. Episodes touch on the complicated reality of prescription opioid abuse, the problem with doctors becoming increasingly pressured to reduce prescribing for even these chronic patients, and creating a balanced approach to solving the crisis that helps abusers find an emotionally satisfying purpose in life.

To catch up on all the latest episodes and incredible stories of the people who participate, visit the “Faces of Policy” page.

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