Think tanks throughout the country drive change by preparing studies, running campaigns and commenting on current events. By partnering with America’s Future Foundation, these organizations can ensure their message is reaching young professionals that may not typically see their work. Below, find several examples of successful partnerships with free-market think tanks across the country.

In Chicago, young people are holding their government officials accountable by shining a light on the recent “balanced” budget passed in the Illinois state legislature. During the June AFF Chicago meeting, Adam Schuster of the Illinois Policy Institute highlighted areas where budget numbers don’t quite add up. Events like this send a clear signal that the next generation cares about decisions being made in their state and that they expect better.

Nationwide, the Institute for Justice’s film, Little Pink House, has reached massive audiences through locally organized screenings. AFF–Sacramento partnered with the Pacific Legal Foundation to host one such screening, reaching an audience of more than 120 concerned citizens.

AFF partnered with the Leadership InstituteHeritage Foundation, and the Charles Koch Institute in Washington, DC, to host its biggest “Welcome to Washington” event yet, reaching more than 200 ambitious interns and new staff. Presentations by Marie Fishpaw (Heritage Foundation), Elliott Fox (Charles Koch Institute), Stephen Rowe (Leadership Institute), and Joe Goetz (ALEC) helped provide an opportunity to make valuable connections. The event also helped them gain skills that will serve them well as they go forward in their careers advancing freedom.