In March, the Alabama Policy Institute released new research on “The Costs of Occupational Licensing in Alabama.” The study’s authors, from the Manuel H. Johnson Center for Political Economy at Troy University, detailed the report’s findings to legislators, government officials, and academics at an educational event in Montgomery. API is continuing those educational efforts by connecting with lawmakers who agree that the burden of occupational licensing on working Alabamians must be lessened. API conducted a marketing campaign on social media, featuring stories of individuals who have been subjected to burdensome regulations imposed by licensing boards, including an auctioneer and a blaster. It is API’s hope that in 2019 Alabama will see reform in state occupational licensing laws.

2018 is a critically important year in Alabama with more than 800 local, state, and federal offices up for re-election. This presents a huge opportunity for candidates to share their policy perspectives in order to foster a more informed electorate, and for Alabamians to hold elected officials accountable for years to come. API partnered with state news organization Yellowhammer News to issue a policy questionnaire to the candidates of both parties vying for governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general. These question topics range from foundational principles and ethics, to fiscal responsibility and criminal justice. Answers to these questionnaires have the potential to reach more than one million Alabamians. API’s hope is that each candidate will answer these questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. By offering these questionnaires, API and Yellowhammer News are proud to be part of the process to support a more informed citizenry and a flourishing Alabama.