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SPN Annual Meeting: State Think Tank Board Member Information

“I attended the 2018 SPN State Policy Think Tank Board Chairman Retreat shortly after being asked to serve as Board Chairman at the Bluegrass Institute. I found the day to be extremely insightful as it provided me with new ideas regarding how to implement creative best practices into our board structure. I also appreciated the insight from other board chairmen regarding what has and has not worked in their respective states.”
Aaron Ammerman, Bluegrass Institute Board Chairman

“When I attended my first State Policy Network Annual Meeting, I planned to spend one day and get back to work. After a few sessions I was hooked; I stayed for the entire event. This is now the one event that I make room on my calendar for every year!”
John Cerasuolo, Chairman of the Beacon Center of Tennessee

“I found my overnight at the SPN conference in Grand Rapids [2015] profoundly insightful and chock full of amazing stories of abuse and triumph. It was one of the most valuable 24 hours I spent this year.”
Ed Bachrach, Illinois Policy Institute Board Member

SPN 27th Annual Meeting

In recognition of the vital role board members play in the success of their organizations, State Policy Network is currently offering all state think tank board members complimentary registration for the SPN 27th Annual Meeting on Oct. 29 – Nov. 1, 2019, in Colorado Springs, CO.

As those of you who have attended in the past know, the SPN Annual Meeting is a great opportunity to connect with other board members and think tank leaders from around the country who share your passion for liberty. It is also a valuable chance to engage with and learn from leading thinkers, strategists, and practitioners in a broad range of fields.

This year’s SPN Annual Meeting will include programming designed just for think tank board members, including:

The ABCs of a Strong Board 

Are you a state think tank board member who wants to become more engaged? Would you like to feel more confident that you’re contributing in the most effective ways to helping your organization break through to the next level? Do you wish you had a roadmap for becoming a strong board member? If so, this session is for you. Participants will receive practical guidance on the essential role of a board and how you can have the greatest impact. You will learn what your CEO wishes you knew about how you can best support your organization. And you will have a chance to get answers to the questions you and your fellow board members struggle with. Leave the session with practical information and tools you can begin applying as soon as you get home.

Succession Planning: Ensuring the Long-Term Success of Your Organization

Whether your state think tank is relatively new or has been around for decades, every organization should have a plan in place to ensure you are able to meet the leadership needs of your organization now and in the future. Have you considered how your organization’s leadership needs may change in the coming years? Are you building a pipeline of leaders who can fill leadership openings as they occur? Have you considered the various scenarios that might lead to a leadership transition? Do you have a plan in place to deal with an unexpected departure? These can be daunting questions, but leadership changes are inevitable. Grappling with such questions now, proactively, dramatically lessens the odds that a leadership transition—even an unexpected one—will disrupt or derail the important work of your organization. Join this roundtable discussion and hear from current and former state think tank leaders who have navigated such transitions within their organization. Leave with some practical insights and tools you can take back to your organization, to help you begin to develop—or continue to refine—an effective succession plan designed to ensure the success of your organization now and in the future.

You will also have access to dozens of other panels and workshops, covering a wide range of topics, including many of the pressing public policy issues facing our nation.

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Board Chairmen’s Retreat

On Oct. 29, before the start of the SPN Annual Meeting, SPN will host the State Think Tank Board Chairmen’s Retreat. The retreat is by invitation only.

If you are the chairman of an SPN-affiliated state think tank and have not yet received an invitation, or if you would like more information about the retreat, please contact SPN’s Vice President of Leadership Development, Teresa Brown, at 202-591-5687 or