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SPN’s 31st Annual Meeting: Registration Now Open!

Registration is now open for State Policy Network’s 31st Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois. SPN’s Annual Meeting is the premier gathering of organizations and people dedicated to promoting statepolicy solutions that strengthen communities and improve the lives of Americans.

We believe the solution to what ails America today lies in the states—not Washington, DC. The challenges many Americans face, including poverty, failures of our education and healthcare systems, high energy costs, and environmental degradation, are best solved by people working together in their communities.

SPN’s Annual Meeting brings together thousands of state and local leaders working to address these challenges and find solutions that will help Americans live freer and more prosperous lives. When leaders work together and learn from one another, we can go further, faster toward the goal of greater self-determination and opportunity for all.

Accelerate state-based solutions through inspiring ideas and strategic discussions

Through panel discussions, workshops, and peer meetings, attendees will consider how to advance state-based policy solutions that improve the lives of Americans. 

This year’s keynote speaker is Mitch Daniels, the former governor of Indiana and president of Purdue University. Governor Daniels will share his insights on the important role local governance can play in restoring Americans’ trust in government and addressing the challenges they face.

Celebrate state solutions that are leading to national impact

SPN’s 31st Annual Meeting will also celebrate the hard work of Network leaders and organizations who are changing lives by championing state-based solutions. At the Annual Awards Dinner on Wednesday night, SPN will recognize the state think tanks and Network leaders making a profound impact in their states and communities.

Build connections and community

Annual Meeting provides attendees with the opportunity to build relationships with peers, mentors, experts, and philanthropic leaders that will help them grow personally and professionally.

Join us in Chicago

This year’s Annual Meeting will take place at the Marriott in Downtown Chicago on August 28-31, 2023. Learn more and register here.   

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