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SPN’s new talent report considers how state think tanks can hire and retain talent

You’ve heard the buzzword “The Great Resignation” in the news, on social media, or perhaps in conversations with your friends and family. The term refers to the record number of people voluntarily leaving their jobs over the last few years.

However, a closer look by experts reveals “The Great Resignation” actually became “The Great Reshuffle”—workers were finding new jobs, often in positions that offered a better salary. Driven largely by the pandemic, workers reevaluated what mattered most to them, including greater flexibility, more work-life balance, and better personal well-being.

New SPN study reveals how state think tanks can attract and retain high performers

Companies and organizations across the country, including state think tanks, must keep these new revelations in mind. But how can organizations in the Network hire and retain the best talent?

With that question in mind, State Policy Network undertook a study as part of its State Voices polling project—a monthly public opinion study that tracks Americans’ attitudes towards government and policy solutions.

In the study “Recruiting Talent in the Aftermath of the Great Reshuffle,” SPN highlights ways state think tanks can attract and retain key talent. At State Policy Network’s 30th Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, talent expert Dee Ann Turner touched on the themes of this study. Turner discussed the critical elements to creating a culture of care that will help state think tanks find and develop employees.

The key takeaways are below, as well as a link to download the full study. For additional information, please reach out to State Policy Network’s Erin Norman at

Key Takeaways:

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