In October, the Beacon Center of Tennessee launched its live talk show, “Over-Caffeinated,” with Governor Bill Haslam as the first guest. Once a month, Mark Cunningham and Justin Owen will sit down with politicians, musicians, athletes, and other famous Tennesseans to talk about everything from policy and politics to sports, music, and beyond. If you missed the first show, be sure to carve out about twenty minutes of your day to watch it and find out what Governor Haslam thinks about Tennessee football, President Trump, Nickelback, and pedal taverns.

“Over-Caffeinated” will bring Beacon’s mission to an audience that has been largely unreachable in the past. By pairing policy perspectives with entertaining takes on current events, the show promises to be engaging, entertaining, and informative.

Click here to watch the first episode of “Over-Caffeinated.”