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America At Its Best – Live at LaunchPad 2021: A New Approach to Criminal Justice and Police Reform

At LaunchPad, we aim to tackle some of the country’s greatest challenges in new and effective ways. Since 2020, police reform has come front and center in the news as millions of people took to the streets in response to the death of George Floyd and others at the hands of law enforcement.

One of our 2021 LaunchPad projects, CantWait Foundation, is taking a new and practical approach to addressing issues with law enforcement and creating safer communities. Rather than relying on ineffective and politicized solutions like “defund the police,” founder Gordon Cummings looks to reform the incentives in the system that lead to more conflicts with law enforcement and the communities they serve.

He left his day job to start something new because something had to be done to promote a more peaceful, just society. His experience at LaunchPad helped him refine his plans, identify next steps, and find potential partners.

“One day here I thought was more useful than the two months I’ve spent doing the program at MIT,” he said.

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