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Freedom Foundation of Oregon welcomes Mike Nearman as state director

During the summer months, Freedom Foundation in Oregon executed a successful outreach campaign aimed at teachers through billboards, emails, direct mail, and door-to-door visits.

Freedom Foundation has now directly helped nearly 60,000 government employees leave their unions and stop paying dues; nearly 18,000 of those are from Oregon.

Mike Nearman

In August, the Freedom Foundation in Oregon announced it had hired a new state director, Mike Nearman. Nearman serves as a state representative in the Oregon Legislature, and is a longtime ally of the Freedom Foundation.

“The two positions complement one another perfectly,” Nearman said of his roles as lawmaker and Freedom Foundation Oregon director. “When I’m wearing my politician hat, my job is to safeguard the rights and advance the best interests of my constituents. As Oregon director for the Freedom Foundation, I’ll be doing the same thing for the whole state.”

Mike Nearman is a former chair of the Polk County Republican Party and is still active as a precinct committeeman.

“We couldn’t ask for a better fit,” Aaron Withe said. “Mike lives and breathes Oregon, and his passion for the rights of its residents is like a force of nature. He’s been a longtime friend to the Freedom Foundation, and in this new position we intend to make excellent use of both his insight and his talent for getting things done.” Nearman replaces Withe, who has been promoted to lead the Freedom Foundation national operations.

Oregon Freedom Foundation is proud to host Governor Mike Huckabee at its annual banquet in November.

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