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Leadership Institute celebrates 40 years

The Leadership Institute (LI) turns 40 this year! Since 1979, Leadership Institute has trained more than 215,000 conservative activists, leaders, and students. A few friends said great things about LI’s work over the last 40 years.

“No one has done more to inspire and train young conservatives than Morton Blackwell and the Leadership Institute.”—Vice President Mike Pence.

“Without effective activists on the ground, policy reform faces tremendous uphill challenge. By far, the easiest way to change government is from the grassroots, and in order to drive that kind of change, conservatives must be effective in the trenches. The Leadership Institute makes that possible.”— Grover Norquist, Americans for Tax Reform.

“There’s no other group like the Leadership Institute—the training ground for a new generation of conservative leaders.”—Michelle Malkin.

This summer, State Policy Network’s monthly communications training event featured Leadership Institute’s Abigail Alger. You can find more Leadership Institute training on demand online. The Leadership Institute offers hours of training videos and archived webinars for conservatives to access at any time. Watch here to learn more about everything from Google Analytics to Storytelling for Legislative Testimony:

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