State Policy Network
State Policy Network statement on the events of January 6, 2021

State Policy Network condemns the lawless and violent behavior of protestors at the US Capitol today. Our hearts go out to our public servants, elected officials, and others on Capitol Hill who were endangered by today’s events. We are praying for the victims of this violence, as well as the Capitol Hill community. We hope that despite today’s events, the integrity of our democratic processes will be upheld.

As a voice for state and local leadership, we support the electoral processes that lead to a peaceful transfer of power as afforded us not only by our Constitution, but our legacy of freedom and respect for the rule of law. America at its best is the model for democratic self-governance to the rest of the world. We are strongest when we work together to solve problems. We are at our weakest when we allow political differences to drown out reasoned debate. 

The days ahead will be crucial to the future of our republic. So, we appeal to all our fellow Americans to come together—leader to leader, neighbor to neighbor, and friend to foe—so that we can continue to work toward a more perfect union.

Organization: State Policy Network