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Week in Review: April 9, 2021


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Solutions from the states: This week’s policy briefs

Three Ways Pennsylvania Should Spend American Rescue Plan Funds
The Commonwealth Foundation argues instead of using American Rescue Plan funds as a temporary budget patch, the Pennsylvania Legislature should take this opportunity to tackle structural reforms and strengthen the economy.

Comparing Approval Voting and Ranked Choice Voting
A new paper from the Independence Institute considers better ways to vote in America.

Expanding Access to Telehealth in Florida: Recent Progress and Opportunities for Improvement
A new paper by The James Madison Institute and Reason Foundation examines Florida’s current structure for telehealth services and introduces innovative recommendations on how the Sunshine State can further provide alternative healthcare solutions.

Sandboxes in Louisiana: Increasing Innovation and Opportunity
A new report from the Pelican Institute for Public Policy explains how regulatory sandboxes will encourage job growth and opportunities that strengthen Louisiana families.

Bad IDEA: How States Block Federal Special Education Funding to Private and Religious School Students
A new report by the Pioneer Institute finds states and school districts are failing to allocate sufficient federal funding to special needs students in private schools.

The Great Mismatch: The Graduated Income Tax Proposal’s Gravely Flawed Escalation Factor
The state constitutional amendment proposed by the Service Employees International Union and the Massachusetts Teachers Association to add a four percent surtax to all annual income above $1 million purports to use cost-of-living-based bracket adjustments as a safeguard that will ensure only millionaires will pay. But historic income growth trends suggest that bracket creep will cause many non-millionaires to be subject to the surtax over time, according to a new study published by Pioneer Institute.

Policy news from the states

Checking in on legislative sessions

Legislative Session: Week Seven at the State House
Alabama Policy Institute

Flanders, Stenhouse Provide Testimony Calling for an End to Unchecked Executive Branch Emergency Powers
Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity


Hope is Not a Voucher
Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy

Are Oregon Students Looking at Distance Learning in the Fall?
Cascade Policy Institute

Mankato Public Schools to Lay Off 100 As Parents Turn to Homeschooling, Other Options
Center of the American Experiment

What the Teachers Union Says in Private
Freedom Foundation of Minnesota

Poll: 69% of Democrats Favor School Choice
John Locke Foundation

Looking Back: Ten Years of Education Accomplishments in Mississippi
Mississippi Center for Public Policy

We Need Transparency in Our Schools
Pelican Institute for Public Policy

How Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs) Work
Show-Me Institute

After a Year of School Closures, Bad Report Cards are Arriving on Student Health
Washington Policy Center

Election integrity

Capitol Watch: Photo ID Has 69% Support
Center of the American Experiment

Explosive Voter Fraud Allegations Come to Light Amidst Legislative Push to Make Vote-By-Mail Permanent
Ethan Allen Institute

Georgia Voters Support Election Reforms That Restore Trust in Election Process and Protect Voters
Foundation for Government Accountability

Biden’s Misleading “Jim Crow” Attacks on Georgia’s Election Laws and What They Mean for North Carolina
John Locke Foundation

Government accountability

State Legislatures Should Start Reining in Executive Emergency Power
Maine Policy Institute


Minnesota Ranks 11th in U.S. for COVID-19 Restrictions, is Also a Hotspot
Center of the American Experiment

Fighting Against Govt. Bureaucracy for Care: April’s Story
Commonwealth Foundation

President Biden’s Weak Vaccination Incentives Hurt Americans
Pacific Research Institute

Jobs and state economies

Reopening Update: Newsom’s Not-So-Full California Reopening
California Policy Center

State Study: A $15 Minimum Wage Would Make N.H. Poorer, Less Populous
Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy

State budgets and spending

Empire State’s New Budget is a Bridge to Nowhere
Empire Center for Public Policy

In Albany’s Heaviest-Spending Year Ever, Lawmakers to OK Even More Pork
Empire Center for Public Policy

Fiscal Notes Could Help Hawaii Avoid Fiscal Calamity
Grassroot Institute of Hawaii

What Local Government Should Do with Their Stimulus Checks
Mackinac Center

Beware the Bailout
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

What Drives Income Tax Revenues: Tax Rates or Economic Growth?
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

5 Top Priorities in Nebraska’s Latest Budget (And 8 You Might Miss)
Platte Institute


New Poll Reveals Overwhelming Support for Reforming Wisconsin’s Criminal Justice System
Badger Institute

Justin Owen and Douglas Carswell Discuss the Path to Prosperity
Mississippi Center for Public Policy

Think tanks in the news

Session Featured Override-o-rama, Last Day Spendalooza
Bluegrass Institute in The State Journal

Prepare for Portland’s Post-Pandemic Party
Cascade Policy Institute in The Portland Tribune

How to Ease COVID-Era Education Battles — Fund Students
Commonwealth Foundation in The American Spectator

John Heinz’s Legacy … and Pennsylvania’s Political Future
Commonwealth Foundation in RealClearPolitics

Cuomo’s Caving Will Cost the Rich Even More
Empire Center in The New York Post

It’s Time to Rethink Failing Healthcare Policies
Ethan Allen Institute in Vermont Biz

High Unemployment Insurance Claims Are a Real Danger
Foundation for Government Accountability in InsideSources

Partisan’ Reading Bill Passes Easily
John Locke Foundation in The Robesonian

The Baltimore Prosecutor’s Plan to Decriminalize Crime
Maryland Public Policy Institute in National Review

Woman Versus the Union Machine
The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board cites Freedom Foundation

SEIU Now Faces Five Forgery Lawsuits, RICO Violations in Oregon
Freedom Foundation in RedState

Green Jobs Demonstrate The Perils Of Government-Directed Economic Growth
Pacific Research Institute in Forbes

Look at Utah’s ‘Truth-in-Taxation’ for How Iowa Could Provide More Effective Property Tax Relief
Tax Education Foundation of Iowa in the Des Moines Register

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