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Week in Review: January 14, 2022


Center of the American Experiment launched a statewide radio campaign with ads in Spanish, Somali, and English educating Minnesotans on how alternative energy sources such as wind and solar are making energy more expensive for everyone.

The Buckeye Institute filed an amicus brief with the Ohio Supreme Court in Bowling v. DeWine urging to the court to affirm that the state’s governor has the authority to withdraw Ohio from the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation Program, something Buckeye recommended as part of its Policy Solutions for the Pandemic series.

The Texas Public Policy Foundation filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Texas General Land Office in federal district court against the United States Fish and Wildlife Service for continuing to disregard the private property rights of Texans. 

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Inflation Likely To Be Key Midterm Election Concern

Success Stories

The US Supreme Court blocked the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate. This Network played a significant role in this win—filing several lawsuits that challenged the mandate and highlighting how it would harm businesses and communities. Learn more about how the Network fought back here.

The Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Commission postponed the vote on a proposal to weaken prison terms for felons after receiving thousands of comments opposing the change. Center of the American Experiment’s call to action on this issue generated over 3,800 comments, representing the overwhelming majority of the total comments received. 

The Mississippi House voted to repeal the state income tax. Both Empower Mississippi and the Mississippi Center for Public Policy celebrated the passage of this legislation.  

A lawmaker in Virginia introduced a bill to fund students, not systems.

A judge in Waukesha, Wisconsin, ruled absentee ballot drop boxes and ballot harvesting are illegal under state law. The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty noted this ruling provides Wisconsin voters with certainty for forthcoming elections.

Solutions from the states: This week’s policy briefs

A Conservative Platform for Alabama 2022
The Alabama Policy Institute released a fully developed legislative to-do list for true conservatives in the legislature or seeking elected office. 

Minnesota Should Join The National Nurse Licensure Compact
In a new policy brief, Center of the American Experiment explains why Minnesota policymakers should join the national Nurse Licensure Compact.

Better Jobs Mississippi: Smart Regulation of Occupations
Empower Mississippi released a new report that examines the burden created by Mississippi’s occupational regulations, how they impact entrepreneurs, consumers, and the larger economy, and potential reforms that could reduce the burden.

Growing Iowa’s Economy—A Blueprint for Free-Market Solutions
Iowans for Tax Relief Foundation released a blueprint for growth and a reliable roadmap for Iowa’s future.

A Responsible Kansas Budget
The Kansas Policy Institute partnered with the Texas Public Policy Foundation to release a model that limits the growth of government spending to the sum of the state’s population growth and inflation.

Virtual Learning Grows During COVID
Virtual learning in K-12 education continues to grow due to the health threat caused by coronavirus variants and the assistance this learning model can provide to at-risk students, according to two papers released by Pioneer Institute.

Becoming America’s ‘Education Destination
The James Madison Institute released a new report detailing how universal K-12 scholarships can brighten Florida’s future.

Policy News From The States


Time To Get Serious About Kentucky’s Reading Instruction Problem
Bluegrass Institute

Campaign By Neel Kashkari And The Mpls Fed Violates Federal Law 
Center of the American Experiment

Teacher Pay Front Of Mind For Legislature 
Empower Mississippi

State Can Give Parents Options And Support Traditional Public Schools
Georgia Center for Opportunity

Education Myth No. 2: Education Choice Programs Defund Public Schools 
Idaho Freedom Foundation

Chicago Teachers Union Ends Walkout After Students Lose 5 Days
Illinois Policy Institute

Why Focus On Funding Students And Not Systems?
John Locke Foundation

Disadvantaged Students Harmed The Most By Remote Schooling
Mackinac Center

Struggling With Remote Learning, New Vineyard Family Exercises Limited School Choice Options To Improve Son’s Education
Maine Policy Institute

Government Transparency Should Include School Curriculum Too 
Mississippi Center for Public Policy

Oklahoma Parents Left In Lurch By School Closings
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

Empower Texas Families With School Choice  
Texas Public Policy Foundation

Election Integrity

FGA Responds To House Democrats’ Scheme To Pass Election Bill And End The Filibuster 
Foundation for Government Accountability

Energy And Environment

Climate Act Accounting Overstates Benefit To New Yorkers 
Empire Center for Public Policy

Government Accountability

FDA, Take Note: There Can Be No Trust Without Transparency
Goldwater Institute

Illinois Has Been Subject To Pritzker’s Emergency Powers For Nearly 22 Months. Where Does This Power Come From?
Illinois Policy Institute

Optimism Remains For 2022, Despite Anti-Transparency Forces 
Show-Me Institute


Since Downstate Is The Epicenter Of Omicron, Why Are Upstate Hospitals Feeling The Crunch?
Empire Center for Public Policy

Restoring The Patient-Doctor Relationship
Frontier Institute

What Is So Bad About Fee-For-Service? 
Frontier Institute

Housing Affordability

Study: Relaxing Density Restrictions Has The Biggest Impact On Reducing Housing Costs
Center of the American Experiment

Montana Cities Are The Problem, And The Solution To Housing
Frontier Institute

House Bill 1904 Will Increase Rents And Destroy Affordable Housing
Washington Policy Center

WILL Urges Governor Evers To Abandon Race Discrimination In New Housing Assistance Program 
Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty


Inflation Up, Real Earnings Down 
Center of the American Experiment

Could Inflation Be A Persistent Problem For The Foreseeable Future?
Georgia Center for Opportunity

Government Spending Is The Cause Of, Not The Antidote For Record Inflation
John Locke Foundation

CEOs See Labor Shortage, Inflation As Biggest Challenges In 2022: “Rising Prices Here To Stay.”
Yankee Institute

Jobs And State Economies

To Stem California’s Population Decline, We Need Fewer Emergencies And More Normality
California Policy Center

National Review’s Radio Free California Podcast Episode 206: California Lawmakers Propose State Takeover Of Health Care
California Policy Center

Don’t Own An EV? Too Bad. Oregon Says You’ll Pay For The Infrastructure Anyway.
Cascade Policy Institute

Mississippi’s Population Continues To Decline 
Empower Mississippi

“Rosy” Talk Won’t Improve The State Of Our State 
Garden State Initiative 

Over Half Of People Leaving Louisiana Are Looking For Work
Pelican Institute for Public Policy

State Business Tax Climate Ranking 
Show-Me Institute

Lower Taxes, Better Texas: Eliminate Property Taxes By 2033
Texas Public Policy Foundation

State Budgets And Spending

Will Mississippi Be The 10th No Income Tax State? 
Americans for Tax Reform

A Run On Disinfection Robots 
Badger Institute

The Other Epidemic: Overspending
Badger Institute

House GOP Budget: 3 Things To Like & 2 Things To Scrap
Bluegrass Institute

California Considers Doubling Its Taxes 
California Policy Center

Don’t Own An EV? Too Bad. Oregon Says You’ll Pay For The Infrastructure Anyway 
Cascade Policy Institute

Legislators Should Use Federal Funds, Not The Surplus, To Pay Back Unemployment Insurance Loan
Center of the American Experiment

If Democrats Want To Lower Costs For Minnesotans, They Should Support Tax Cuts
Center of the American Experiment

The State Of The State Spending Spree 
Empire Center for Public Policy

House Advances Income Tax Repeal 
Empower Mississippi

Goldwater Fights Pro-Tax Forces, Asks AZ Supreme Court To Enforce Constitution 
Goldwater Institute

State Budget Windfall Should Be Shared With Taxpayers
Grassroot Institute of Hawaii

Brad Little’s Budget Boasts 17.1% Spending Increase, Not 8.1% 
Idaho Freedom Foundation

Illinois Spent 6% More Than It Took In For 15 Years, So COVID-19 Hit It Harder
Illinois Policy Institute

A Solution Benefitting All Property Taxpayers 
Iowans for Tax Relief Foundation

Improving Iowa’s Income Tax Climate 
Iowans for Tax Relief Foundation

Mississippi House Votes To Repeal Income Tax 
Mississippi Center for Public Policy

PRI All Stars On The Governor’s Budget – What Will The Governor’s Spending Plan Mean For You?
Pacific Research Institute

State After State Announces Records Tax Cuts But Crickets In Washington
Washington Policy Center

Gov. Lamont Retroactively Increases Earned Income Tax Credit. Democrat Leaders Say Legislation May Follow 
Yankee Institute

Vaccine Mandate

Alabama Center For Law And Liberty Celebrates Monumental Victory In U.S. Supreme Court Case 
Alabama Policy Institute

The Buckeye Institute Celebrates HUGE Victory In Vaccine Mandate Case
The Buckeye Institute

U.S. Supreme Court Blocks Federal Vaccine Mandate 
Pelican Institute for Public Policy

U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Biden Vaccine Mandate For Private Employers 
Texas Public Policy Foundation

Workplace Freedom

Operating Engineers Union Sued For Dragging Its Feet Until ‘Opt-Out Window’ Closes 
Freedom Foundation

Statement By Freedom Foundation CEO Aaron Withe Regarding Education Secretary Miguel Cardona
Freedom Foundation

Amendment 1 Would Guarantee Illinois’ Sky-High Debt, Taxes Would Rise Faster
Illinois Policy Institute


2022 Legislative Session Readies For Kickoff
Georgia Public Policy Foundation

Think Tanks In The News

Tax Cuts Seem To Be Everywhere – Except In Alabama
Alabama Policy Institute in the Southeast Sun

Tis The Season For True Tax Reform
Bluegrass Institute in The Times Leader

Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ Will Raise Energy Prices
Center of the American Experiment and Mackinac Center in The Hill

Eliminate The Red Tape That Stifles Drug Benefits
Citizens Against Government Waste in The Oklahoman

The Peril Of The Federal Billions
Ethan Allen Institute in the Caledonian Record

The Next Big Battle In The War On Employment
Foundation for Government Accountability in The Washington Times

Chicago Students Suffer when the Chicago Teachers Union Flexes its Muscles
Illinois Policy Institute in National Review

To give parents options, Illinois lawmakers should preserve tax credit scholarship program
Illinois Policy Institute in the Chicago Sun-Times

Fires Demonstrate Public Safety Success, Failure
Independence Institute in The Gazette

Gov. Reynolds Outlines Bold, Conservative, Pro-Growth Agenda That Places Taxpayers And Families First
Iowans for Tax Relief Foundation in The Center Square

Where’s Whitmer Administration’s COVID-19 Science And Data? 
Mackinac Center in The Detroit News

Make Sure Michigan Residents Benefit From State’s Cash Haul
Mackinac Center in the Record Patriot

Maryland Should Lease Out BWI To Pay Off Its Pension Debt
Maryland Public Policy Institute in The Washington Post

Improving Maryland’s Tax And Business Climate
Maryland Public Policy Institute in The Daily Record

Expanding Telehealth Access Is A Lifesaver For Vulnerable Patients
Pacific Research Institute in the Tennessean

Healthcare Price Transparency Is Advancing
Pacific Research Institute in the Washington Examiner

New Burdens On Entrepreneurship Would Hurt Minority Economic Advancement
Pacific Research Institute in the Tallahassee Democrat

Calif. Can Look Forward to Socialized Medicine If Single-Payer Returns
Pacific Research Institute at Newsmax

No, Biden Hasn’t Saved The Economy
Texas Public Policy Foundation at Fox News Online

Five Words Of Encouragement For Florida Policymakers
The James Madison Institute at Florida Politics

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