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Week in Review: January 15, 2021


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Communications case study: Caesar Rodney Institute saves Delaware’s beach view

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Solutions from the states: This week’s policy briefs

Alabama’s Use of CARES Act Funds: Grow Government or Help All Alabamians?
Alabama Policy Institute

Reforming Community Supervision
Badger Institute

Rent out of Control: Government is Not the Answer to the Affordable Housing Problem
Goldwater Institute

Protecting the Right to Privacy in a Digital Era
Libertas Institute

Fast Facts: A Review of South Carolina’s Judicial Selection Process
Palmetto Promise Institute

Connecticut’s Dangerous Game: How the Nation’s Wealthiest State Scared Off Businesses and Worsened Its Fiscal Crisis
Pioneer Institute

Modernizing School Finance in Idaho
Reason Foundation

On Wayfair, Tread Lightly Florida Should Not Repeat Other States’ Mistakes on Remote Sales Tax Legislation
The James Madison Institute

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Talking Michigan Taxes: Potential Increases and Reforms in 2021
Mackinac Center | January 19, 2021

Coming Together or Breaking Apart: The Case Against Cancel Culture
Pacific Legal Foundation | January 22, 2021

Our Path Forward: Reviving America After a Year of Chaos 
Pacific Legal Foundation | January 29, 2021

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