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Week in Review: June 18, 2021


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Case Study: How Montana ignited economic opportunity with Frontier Institute’s ‘Montana Recovery Agenda’

How the states can fight the federal incentives encouraging joblessness

Driving student-centered education reform through the American Rescue Plan Act

Success stories

Solutions from the states: This week’s policy briefs

Debunking the Myth of Alaska’s “40% Budget Cuts”
While legislators float the idea of creating personal taxes, research from Alaska Policy Forum finds there have been no substantial cuts to Alaska state spending totals in nearly a decade.

Occupational Licensing in Wisconsin: A Roadmap for Reform
The Badger Institute and the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) released a joint study that calls on the Wisconsin Legislature to adopt specific occupational licensing reforms, including sunrise and sunset reviews, universal license recognition, Right to Earn a Living legislation, and other changes to the current licensing process and requirements.

Taxing Beyond Borders: Principles for Ohio’s Tax Policy After South Dakota v. Wayfair
A new report by the Economic Research Center at The Buckeye Institute and the National Taxpayers Union Foundation looks at the impact the US Supreme Court’s 2018 decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair has had on tax policy in Ohio and how lawmakers can craft a simple, easy-to-use e-commerce tax policy that doesn’t harm the state’s economy.

Keep, Cut, Change: The Buckeye Institute’s Timely Recommendations for Ohio’s Budget Conference Committee
As Ohio Budget Conference Committee begins its work on the state’s biennial budget, The Buckeye Institute released its Keep, Cut, Change policy guidance memo with recommendations for which version of the budget—House or Senate—should be adopted and what should be cut or changed.

The Untapped Potential of Expanded Tax Credit Scholarships
A new study from the Commonwealth Foundation and the American Federation for Children shows that Pennsylvania’s tax credit scholarships are a powerful tool for student success, recipient lifetime earnings, and the state economy. 

Worried About Critical Race Theory? Tell School Boards to Get to Work
In a new report, Dr. Terry Stoops explains the role school boards must take related to the adoption of critical race theory curriculum in the classroom.

Medicaid Expansion: A Boulevard Of Broken Dreams For Mississippi 
A new report from the Foundation for Government Accountability debunks myths about the benefits for Medicaid expansion.

How States Can Secure Voting By Mail 
New research from the Foundation for Government Accountability highlights election irregularities and what states can do to have fair and transparent elections.

$617 Million in Hidden Taxes From 2021 Session
A new analysis from the Independence Institute finds Colorado lawmakers have approved tax and fee increases on Coloradans of up to $617 million annually without voter consent.

Is This How California is Solving Its Housing Crisis?
Not too terribly long ago, the California Legislative Analyst’s Office said that to meet demand, each year the state needed 100,000 new housing units in addition to the 100,000 to 140,000 that are expected to be built annually, an impossibility in today’s political environment. A new report from the Pacific Research Institute points out that, intentional or not, policymakers have hit on a novel approach to solve California’s housing crisis: Make living here so miserable that residents have little choice but to flee.

Tax Flight of the Wealthy: An Academic Literature Review
As Massachusetts voters now begin to weigh the potential impact of a ballot proposal to increase taxes on business owners, retirees and wealthier households, a new literature review by Pioneer Institute shows that many existing academic studies find that wealthy individuals are particularly sensitive to changes in tax policy. Other studies explicitly warn policymakers that behavioral responses to taxing the rich could erode the tax base and ultimately strain state budgets.

Improving Missouri’s Transportation System through Tolling 
Missouri is falling behind in maintaining its roads and bridges, ranking 48th nationally in revenue per mile of road maintained. In a new report, the Show-Me Institute argues that tolling might be the best way for the state to catch up, as it is more consistent with the user-pays principle than other avenues of revenue generation.

Policy News from the states


LAUSD Schools To Open Amid Much Controversy
California Policy Center

Town Wins Battle to Reopen School After District Shut It Down 
Center of the American Experiment

Teacher’s Union Front Group Peddles Lies About Minnesota’s Taxes 
Center of the American Experiment

What is Critical Race Theory?
Center of the American Experiment

Rethinking Education in Mississippi
Empower Mississippi

Full-day Kindergarten Will Not Fix Idaho’s Schools
Idaho Freedom Foundation

Lack of New Achievement Data Makes COVID Impact Difficult to Analyze
Kansas Policy Institute

Governor Overshoots Demand for State-Funded Pre-K 
Mackinac Center

Secularization and Schooling
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

Fiscal Transparency is Critical to Improving Our Schools
Pelican Institute for Public Policy

Yes, We Should Be Concerned About Critical Race Theory
Show-Me Institute

Governor Reynolds’ Vision for Education: Placing Students and Families First
Tax Education Foundation of Iowa

Charter Schools in Washington State Are Showing What Access to a Great Public Education Looks Like
Washington Policy Center

Election integrity

Election Law Changes May be Coming to Illinois: What You Need To Know
Illinois Policy Institute

What is Actually in the So-Called “Voter Suppression” Bills
John Locke Foundation

Energy and environment

While Michigan’s Electricity Rates Increase, Reliability Suffers 
Mackinac Center

Did A Judge Just Unleash a New Era of Energy Prosperity in New Mexico? 
Rio Grande Foundation

Government accountability

9th Circuit Hears Slidewaters’ Appeal a Year Too Late 
Freedom Foundation

End the COVID-19 Transparency Dodge
Grassroot Institute of Hawaii

Masks On, or Masks Off? What To Know About Mask Rules As Illinois Reopens
Illinois Policy Institute

Should Spokane Taxpayers Have The Right to Transparency When it Comes to Government Negotiations?
Washington Policy Center


The Economics of Drug Addiction Treatment
Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy

Lawmakers Add to the High Cost of Health Insurance in New York with Tax Hikes and Mandates
Empire Center for Public Policy

Healthcare Monopolies Are Hurting Our Parents and Grandparents
Mississippi Center for Public Policy

Oklahomans’ Medical Debt Points Up the Need for Price Transparency
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

ACA Decision Offers Only More Confusion
Texas Public Policy Foundation

Insulin for the Uninsured—Texas Helps when Washington Won’t  
Texas Public Policy Foundation

Jobs and state economies

A $15 Minimum Wage Would Also Raise Childcare Prices
Center of the American Experiment

The Problems Facing Minnesota’s Small Businesses: Higher Crime 
Center of the American Experiment

How Do We Make it Easier to Work in Mississippi?
Empower Mississippi

Video: Kiki’s Chicken and Waffles – Restaurant Owner Speaks Out on Unemployment 
Foundation for Government Accountability

For Occupational and Business Regulations, the Pandemic Has Brought Mostly Marginal Changes
Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy

Maine Policy Institute Statement On ‘Back To Work’ Program
Maine Policy Institute

Regulations Should Help, Not Hinder, Small Business Growth
Mississippi Center for Public Policy

State budgets and spending

Leaders of Birmingham Should Use Stimulus Funds to Make the City “Magic” Again for All Citizens
Alabama Policy Institute

Minnesota’s Growing Surplus Should Open the Door for Future Tax Reform
Center of the American Experiment

Empire Center’s Budget App Now Includes FY 22 Enacted Budget Data
Empire Center for Public Policy

State Lawmakers Need to Get Better Outcomes With Newfound Federal Cash
Mackinac Center for Public Policy

What Michigan Residents Got For Their Increased Road Spending
Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Oklahoma Policymakers Should Beware the Biden Spending Binge
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

Nebraska’s New Truth in Taxation Law
Platte Institute

Diane Battiato’s Right: Assessors Aren’t The Cause Of Nebraska’s Property Tax Woes 
Platte Institute

Let Expired Agricultural Tax Credits Stay That Way
Show-Me Institute

Numbers Do Not Lie: Unemployment Bonuses Stimulate Unemployment 
Texas Public Policy Foundation​

A Call to Save Employment Freedom 
Texas Public Policy Foundation​


Thinking Minnesota Poll: Minnesotans Don’t Trust Walz to Handle Crime 
Center of the American Experiment

Mississippi Solutions for Mississippi Problems
Empower Mississippi

Origins of the Georgia Center for Opportunity: Why we choose to focus on healthy families
Georgia Center for Opportunity

Utah Airports Should Support, Not Stifle, Innovation
Libertas Institute

Autonomous Trucks Can Overhaul the Logistics Industry
Libertas Institute

Governor Sisolak Should Rectify Nevada’s Unconstitutional Government-Union Dues Scheme 
Nevada Policy Research Institute

Will the Home Rental Market Collapse After the COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium is Lifted?
Washington Policy Center

House Strips Budget Language Giving Department Heads Power to Contract With Other States
Yankee Institute for Public Policy

Think tanks in the news

Lawsuit Uses Tax Dollars To Sue Taxpayers
Bluegrass Institute in The Herald Ledger

Ohio Wisely Declines More Federal Unemployment Funds
The Buckeye Institute in Crain’s Cleveland Business

The Public-Union Stranglehold on California Politics Is Weakening
California Policy Center in National Review

More School Choice Means Fewer Lotteries
Commonwealth Foundation in Lancaster Online

Will Unemployment Benefits Drive Even More Businesses to Close Their Doors?
Foundation for Government Accountability in the Washington Examiner

State Lawmakers Advance Reforms Expanding Access To Health Care
Foundation for Government Accountability cited in Forbes

Inflation Fears And Massive Federal Dollars
Georgia Public Policy Foundation in the Daily Citizen-News

Pandemic Proves One-Size-Fits-All Mandates Aren’t the Answer
Goldwater Institute in the Anthem Independent

North Carolina: Economic Success Story in Tough Times
John Locke Foundation at Real Clear Policy

Want To Keep People on Parole From Going Back to Prison? Reward Their Supervisors
Libertas Institute in AZ Central

After COVID: 3 Things That States Can Do Now to Fix Health Care
Palmetto Promise in USA Today

How the States Can Fight the Federal Incentives Encouraging Joblessness
State Policy Network in National Review

Price Transparency Will Lower Health Care Costs
Texas Public Policy Foundation in The Washington Times

No, the Federal Seizure of Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Payments Did Not ‘Break’ Bitcoin
The James Madison Institute in USA Today

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