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Week in Review: May 7, 2021


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States ease healthcare licensing barriers to help Americans during the pandemic

Learning from the pandemic: It’s time for states to permanently suspend certificate-of-need laws

Success stories

Solutions from the states: This week’s policy briefs

All-Payer Claims Database: Balancing Better Data with Fiscal Restraint
Alaska has incredibly high healthcare costs, and reports show one of the impediments to addressing high costs is a lack of price transparency for healthcare services. According to a report from the Alaska Policy Forum, one successful solution many states implemented is establishing an all-payer claims database (APCD), which creates price transparency and allows consumers to compare accurate healthcare costs and “shop around” for the provider that best fits their needs.

Hope Scholarship Info for Parents
The Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy answers common questions regarding West Virginia’s Hope Scholarship Program.

Lack of Teachers May Threaten Learning Loss Summer Program
Do we have enough teachers to help students recover some of the lost learning this past year? The John Locke Foundation takes a look in this new research brief.

Ten Fat Years
North Carolina’s spending restraint over the past decade has yielded many significant benefits.  It made tax reform and savings possible even as spending on schools and Medicaid increased. The economy has accelerated, and more people are moving to North Carolina in search of opportunity. A new research brief from the John Locke Foundation argues a constitutional Taxpayer Bill of Rights that holds future legislators to the same standard as legislators have voluntarily applied to state budgets since FY 2011-12 would help ensure government remains on a fiscally sustainable path with few constraints on economic growth.

The Big Lure: Interstate Competition Exacerbates the Economic Fallout from Telecommuting Trends
A spate of new incentive and subsidy programs seeking to lure talented workers and innovative businesses away from their home states could constitute an additional challenge to Massachusetts’ economic and fiscal recovery from COVID-19, according to a new study published by Pioneer Institute.

Policy news from the states

Checking in on Legislative Sessions

Legislative Session: Week Eleven at the State House
Alabama Policy Institute

Lawmakers Should Reject Senate Bill 131
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs


Some Ideas are Too Conservative For Many Alabama Legislators.
Alabama Policy Institute

Does School Choice Hurt Traditional Public Schools? What Comparing Kentucky to Florida Tells Us
Bluegrass Institute

Education Savings Accounts Give Ohio’s Children the Best Chance to Succeed
The Buckeye Institute

Analysis: California’s Charter School Renaissance Continues, While Public Non-Charter School Enrollment Continues to Shrink
California Policy Center

Four Things You Should Know About Learning Pods in Oregon
Cascade Policy Institute

The Biden Plan: Bringing Critical Race Theory Into Public Schools
Center of the American Experiment

Teachers, Parents, and Kids Need Idaho Lawmakers to Stop Public School Indoctrination
Idaho Freedom Foundation

Flex Learning Offers New Opportunities for Teachers, Too
Mackinac Center

The Future of Vocational Education: Flexibility and Choice 
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

Are Occupational Credentials the Answer to Educational Polarization?
Show-Me Institute

Biden’s First 100 Days: Education Reforms Proposed
Sutherland Institute

ESA: A Solution to Help Rural Iowans
Tax Education Foundation of Iowa

Government Accountability

Walz Loses in Court, Settles with Churches
Center of the American Experiment

5 Reasons Why the Emergency Powers Amendments Are Needed
Commonwealth Foundation

Kelly Admin Consciously Deceived Legislators, Taxpayers
Kansas Policy Institute

Metrics for Michigan: Slow Rolling to Normal
Mackinac Center

Is ‘Vacc to Normal’ Back to Normal?: Gov. Whitmer Has Not Indicated Whether She’ll Give Up Unilateral Control
Mackinac Center


New York’s Hospital Industry Ranks Near the Bottom of Two Quality Report Cards
Empire Center for Public Policy

Disruptive Technology Can Expand Healthcare Access
Mississippi Center for Public Policy

Center Calls for Suspension of “Indiscriminate” High School Vaccine Clinics
Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity

Jobs and State Economies

Buckeye Institute-Championed Universal Occupational Licensing Recognition Will Make Ohio More Prosperous
The Buckeye Institute

The California Exodus Hits Home
California Policy Center

Employers Are Raising Wages to Attract Workers
Center of the American Experiment

NY’s Population Outflow Continued in Year Leading to Pandemic
Empire Center for Public Policy

‘Help Wanted’ for New Jersey’s Reopening
Garden State Initiative

Census Estimates Again Confirm Illinois Population Loss Driven by People Leaving
Illinois Policy Institute

How N.H. Hurts Craft Brewers — and Consumers — to Protect Other Businesses
Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy

Mississippi Population Loss Demands New Economic Growth Strategies
Mississippi Center for Public Policy

City of Albuquerque Among “Businesses” That Can’t Find Workers
Rio Grande Foundation

Missouri’s Population Growth Is Still Lagging
Show-Me Institute

Policy Corner: Census Issues Could Affect Connecticut Redistricting—and More
Yankee Institute for Public Policy

State Budgets and Spending

A Look Into “Delaware’s Economic Recovery”: Strongly Suggests It’s Time for a Tax Cut
Caesar Rodney Institute

Why Are Taxes So Hard To Do?
Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy

Where Did Vermont’s Federal COVID-Relief Funding Go?
Ethan Allen Institute

President Biden’s High-Cost Plan vs. Goldwater’s Real Solutions
Goldwater Institute

Taxing Businesses: Where Does NC Rank?
John Locke Foundation

House General & Education Fund Budget Spends Just $52.2 Million Less Than Governor’s, Would Represent a 1.4% Spending Decrease
Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy

Subsidies Give Kansas the Highest Effective Tax Rates on Mature Businesses
Kansas Policy Institute

Biden’s Coercive Tax Policies
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

Biden’s Destructive Corporate Income Tax Hike
Pacific Research Institute

California Poised for Massive State Budget Spending Increases
Pacific Research Institute

American Rescue Plan Bringing Billions to Louisiana: How Should They Be Spent?
Pelican Institute for Public Policy

Iowa Governor Proposes $400 Million in Tax Cuts
Platte Institute

Truth-in-Taxation Laws Are Gold Standard of Property Tax Reform
Tax Education Foundation of Iowa


Proposed Expungement Law Would Mostly Help Misdemeanants
Badger Institute

Offshore Wind Too Ugly for the Hamptons But OK for Other Beach Resorts?
Caesar Rodney Institute

California’s Gubernatorial Candidates Need to Show True Grit
California Policy Center

Socialism on the Rise: Is There Anything We Can Do about It?
Goldwater Institute

Locke’s Jon Guze Analyzes Latest Development in Apex Property-Rights Fight|
John Locke Foundation

Think tanks in the news

Fort Smith’s Educational Advantage
Arkansas Policy Foundation in the Times Record

Kentucky’s Bad Blue-State Habits
Bluegrass Institute in National Review

How Much Is Enough?
Bluegrass Institute in the West Kentucky Star

Checking in On Developments in Education Outside of Georgia
Georgia Public Policy Foundation in the Daily Citizen-News

The Road to 21st-Century Medicine May Begin in Arizona
Goldwater Institute in the Washington Examiner

Supreme Court Decides to Follow Different Constitution
Goldwater Institute in the Anthem Independent

The Archaic Rule Threatening States’ Health Care Readiness
John Locke Foundation in RealClearPolicy

PRO Act is Another Biden Tax Increase on the Middle-Class
Kansas Policy Institute in RealClearPolicy

Stop The Unconstitutional Income Tax Grab on Remote Worker Wages
Mackinac Center in InsideSources

Anatomy of a Crime Wave
Maryland Public Policy Institute in the City-Journal

Are We Seeing the Socialization of America?
Mississippi Center for Public Policy in The Northside Sun

New Taxes Aren’t Just a Bad Idea, They’re an Insult to Struggling Nevadans
Nevada Policy Research Institute in Nevada Business

Starting a Bonfire With Your Money
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs in the Skiatook Journal

Democratic Drug Pricing Bill is a House of Cards
Pacific Research Institute in the Washington Examiner

Replace Gas Tax with More Efficient, Fairer Mileage Fee
Pacific Research Institute in The Orange County Register

‘For the People Act’ Would Invade Americans’ Privacy, Stifle Free Speech
Palmetto Promise Institute in the Greenville News

The U.S. is Losing its Civics Education — Here’s How to Turn it Around
Sutherland Institute in the Deseret News

Governor Kim Reynolds Champions Pro-Growth Tax Policies
Tax Education Foundation of Iowa in The Iowa Torch

Spending, Debt and Tax Increases Threaten Economy
Tax Education Foundation of Iowa in The Center Square

A Cautionary Tale for ‘Progressive’ States, a Decade in the Making
The James Madison Institute in The Hill 

Virginia Isn’t Done With Corporate Taxes
Thomas Jefferson Institute in The Roanoke Times

Washington Legislative Session Results Devastating and Divisive
Washington Policy Center in The Spokesman-Review

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