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Week in Review: November 11, 2022


Solutions from the States: This Week’s Policy Briefs

Freedom Through the Courts

Policy News from the States

Election Analysis

Grocery and other permanent tax cuts ‘on the table’ in 2023, but lawmakers should think bolder
Alabama Policy Institute

This Is Not Four Years Ago
Badger Institute

A Bright Spot for MN Conservatives: Local School Board Elections
Center of the American Experiment

North Dakota First State Since 2000 to Vote for Legislative Term Limits
Center of the American Experiment

Forgotten Local Elections, Unforgettable Consequences
California Policy Center

Supermajority in West Virginia: Now What?
Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy

For Oregon’s New Governor, Great Power Comes with Great Responsibility
Cascade Policy Institute

Making School Board Elections “On Cycle” Would Boost Voter Turnout
Foundation for Government Accountability

Three Takeaways from Idaho’s General Election
Idaho Freedom Foundation

Election Recap (Iowa)
Iowans for Tax Relief

2022 Election Had Most Contested Illinois House Races in 2 Decades
Illinois Policy

A Red Wave Sweeps Through North Carolina, but Crashes on the Rocks of Redistricting
John Locke Foundation

Tennessee Adds Right-to-Work to State Constitution
Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Statement on Question 1
Pioneer Institute


Microschools take off in Mississippi
Empower Mississippi

Student Achievement Disparities in California
California Policy Institute

Five Things to Know About K-12 Education in Kansas
Kansas Policy Institute

School Choice Prevails in Oklahoma Vote
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

Why Aren’t Schools Using Their Funding to Help Kids Prepare for College and Careers?
Pelican Institute for Public Policy

Students Need Education Pluralism
Sutherland Institute

Why Washington Families Need School Choice to Catch Up With the Rest of the Nation
Washington Policy Center

Government Accountability

New Yorkers Deserve More Clarity on Donor Leak
Empire Center


The Losses to Physician Medicare Reimbursement in 2022/23 are Mind-Boggling
Frontier Institute

Closure for a Hospital That Didn’t Have to Close
Georgia Public Policy Foundation

Why Is There a Doctor Shortage in Hawaii?
Grassroot Institute

Jobs and State Economies

Report Find Minnesota Is Only 34th Best State to Succeed in Business
Center of the American Experiment

Tracking Red Tape Relief in the 2023 Montana Legislature
Frontier Institute

Nearly Half a Million Georgians Have Given Up on Work
Georgia Center for Opportunity

How to Win the Housing Permitting Game
Grassroot Institute

Inflation Squashes At-Home Thanksgiving Traditions
John Locke Foundation

Occupational Licensing Can Expand Inequality
Libertas Institute

Nebraska’s Cottage Food Law Produces Opportunities
Platte Institute

State Budgets and Spending

Lawmakers Must Use Historic Surplus to Protect Alabamians, Not Protect Government
Alabama Policy Institute

Michigan’s Revenue Growth Gets Spun as Reduced Spending
Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Highest in the Nation: Louisiana’s Sales Tax Needs Reform
Pelican Institute for Public Policy

Think Tanks in the News

The Hypocrisy of Democrats on Crime 
Commonwealth Foundation in The Philadelphia Inquirer

The GOP Must Reduce the Barriers to Investing By the Poor and Middle Class
Garden State Initiative in RealClearMarkets

The future is on today’s ballot. Kind of. 
The James Madison Institute cited in Politico

Michigan’s Education Failure
Mackinac Center in The Wall Street Journal

Michigan Gov. Whitmer Knows Tax ‘Giveaways’
Mackinac Center in The Wall Street Journal

Opinion: Why we need the power to recall mayors 
Mississippi Center for Public Policy in Y’all Politics

‘Diversity’ isn’t America’s strength; character is 
Texas Public Policy Foundation in The Washington Times

Robert Alt discusses fight to protect taxpayers from Biden’s tax mandate
The Buckeye Institute on the Scott Sloan Show (Segment begins at 1:33:34)

Long-term-care payroll tax discussion includes skepticism
Washington Policy Center in Clark County Today

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