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Week in Review: November 13, 2020


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A History of Alaska Oil Taxes and How They Work
Alaska Policy Forum

Protect Direct Primary Care: To Increase Access to and Quality of Health Care while Reducing Costs
Alaska Policy Forum

Evaluating ESAs in the Volunteer State
Beacon Center of Tennessee

Collective bargaining transparency: A win for workers and taxpayers
Better Cities Project

School Reserve Funds in Pandemic Times
Commonwealth Foundation

Liberty Action Agenda
Texas Public Policy Foundation

Sources Say A Career in Journalism Is a Coin Flip.
Texas Public Policy Foundation

Virtual Education in Texas
Texas Public Policy Foundation

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The Election and Implications for the Pro-freedom Agenda
The Philanthropy Roundtable

Turkeys, Taters & Treats: Tasty Tidbits For Your Thanksgiving Table
John Locke Foundation | November 16, 2020

Idaho Legislature 101
Idaho Freedom Foundation | January 7, 2021

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