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Week in Review: November 19, 2021


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Solutions from the states: This week’s policy briefs

Driving Change: The Promise of Per-Mile Charges for Georgia Transportation
In a new report, the Georgia Public Policy Foundation and Reason Foundation note that policymakers must investigate alternatives to fuel taxes for funding Georgia roadways.

Alaska: The Jones Act’s Original Victim
A new report from the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii details how Jones Act targeted Alaska from the start.

When the entrepreneurs go marching out: How Licensing Holds Back the Pelican State
A new report by the Pelican Institute for Public Policy argues occupational licensing laws are hindering Louisiana, limiting prosperity, hurting workers, would-be entrepreneurs, and consumers—all while often failing to achieve its purported goal.

The Far-Reaching Impact of a Massachusetts Surtax: Anecdotal Evidence and Data Analysis
A proposed graduated income tax that will appear on the statewide ballot in November 2022 will have much more far-reaching implications than most people realize because the surtax also extends to “pass-through” income from entities such as S and limited liability corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships that are taxed on individual tax returns, according to a new study published by Pioneer Institute.

An Insider’s Insight On Today’s Economy
The Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Vance Ginn gives an overview of the US economic situation.

Wisconsin Regulation in Focus
A new study from the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty finds that the Wisconsin Administrative Code contains more than 161,000 restrictions, making Wisconsin the most regulated state on a per-capita basis in the Great Lakes region.

Policy News From The States


Bait & Switch: Does Anchorage School District Need 3 New Schools?
Alaska Policy Forum

Unhappy About Your Child’s Education? Give Yourself A Choice.
Beacon Center of Tennessee

The Basic Education Program: How The Volunteer State’s Education Funding Formula Doesn’t Make The Grade
Beacon Center of Tennessee

The National School Boards Association Fiasco: California Leans In
California Policy Center

The Dumbing Of America
California Policy Center

Charter Schools: A New Day Is Dawning In West Virginia
Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy

Milwaukee Public Schools Approves Spending Plan For $500 Million In Federal Covid Aid
MacIver Institute

Can Yellow Buses Still Do It Alone?
Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Teacher-Pay System Needs Overhaul
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

General Assembly To Blame For Children Suffering Irreparable Harm?
Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity

How To Make School Boards More Responsive With Michael Hartney
Show-Me Institute

Missouri Parents’ Bill Of Rights 
Show-Me Institute

Classical Education Changed My Life—And Formed My Children 
Texas Public Policy Foundation

Wisconsin’s State Report Cards Mask Troubling Proficiency Rates 
Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty

Energy And Environment

Utilities Should Plan On Using Firm, Reliable Resources During Peak Events
Cascade Policy Institute

Sustainable Timber Harvests Are Best For Schools, Our Economy, And The Climate
Washington Policy Center

Election 2021

Yes, Virginia, There Are Lessons We Have Learned
California Policy Center

Government Accountability

New Report Puts Kentucky In Top Ten Least Transparent States 
Bluegrass Institute

The Health Department Takes A Big Step Toward Covid Transparency
Empire Center for Public Policy

Frontier Institute Comment: Hj 48 Study Of Facial Recognition
Frontier Institute

Utah Affirms Privacy Rights In Banking Data
Libertas Institute


Minnesota Must Lift Its Hospital Moratorium
Center of the American Experiment

Pandemic Exposes Problem Pair In Minnesota Healthcare
Center of the American Experiment


As Thanksgiving Approaches, Inflation Is Eating Your Paycheck
Empower Mississippi

Inflation: New Jersey’s Stealth Income Tax Hike
Garden State Initiative

Don’t Let High Inflation Hurt Taxpayers Through Bracket Creep
Kansas Policy Institute

Judge Policies By Their Results—Progressive Policies Are Crushing Low-Income Americans
Texas Public Policy Foundation

Not Only Is Inflation Here To Stay, Joe Biden’s Going To Make It Worse 
Texas Public Policy Foundation

Jobs And State Economies

How The New Era Of Expanded Welfare Programs Is Keeping Americans From Working 
Foundation for Government Accountability

Missoula: Overtaxed
Frontier Institute

Covid-19 Regulations Aren’t Cost-Free
Grassroot Institute of Hawaii

Publicly Funded Stadiums
John Locke Foundation

New Hampshire Again Rated Most Economically Free State, But The Gap Is Closing
Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy

California’s Gig Work Saga Is A Cautionary Tale, Not A Guidebook
Libertas Institute

Utah Set To End Outrageous Permission Slip Requirements
Libertas Institute

Implementing A Model For Proactive Deregulation
Mississippi Center for Public Policy

Release: New Lawsuit Intends To End Louisiana’s Red Tape Nightmare For Small Businesses 
Pelican Institute for Public Policy

New Mexico Falls Further Behind In Latest Economic Freedom Report 
Rio Grande Foundation

State Budgets And Spending

Empower Responds To Reeves’ Recommendation To Eliminate Income Tax 
Empower Mississippi

Thomas Jefferson And Public Debt
Ethan Allen Institute

Four Solid Ideas For The State’s Budget Surplus
Idaho Freedom Foundation

A Path To Zero Income Tax For Colorado
Independence Institute

Cooper Is Right To Sign The State Budget, But He Signs It For All The Wrong Reasons
John Locke Foundation

Make Sure Michigan Residents Benefit From State’s Cash Haul
Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Throwing Money And Public Policies At Issues Is A Recipe For Failure
Mississippi Center for Public Policy

A Fiscal Strategy For Conservative States To Push Against Washington
Mississippi Center for Public Policy

Nebraska Tax Revenues For October 2021 Show Continued Growth
Platte Institute

Transportation Fund Revenue Jumps $70 Million In New Estimates, Bolstered By Sales Tax And Oil Companies Tax 
Yankee Institute for Public Policy

Vaccine Mandate

Lawmakers Fail To Protect Idahoans From Forced Vaccinations
Idaho Freedom Foundation

23 Chicago Labor Unions Sue To Block Lightfoot’s Vaccination Mandate
Illinois Policy Institute

Workplace Freedom

Biden Doubles Down On Illegal Medicaid Payments To Unions 
Freedom Foundation

Connecticut Government Unions Seek To Unionize National Guard, Collect Dues During Times Of Crisis 
Yankee Institute for Public Policy


Milton Friedman: Everyone Is Greedy, No One’s An Angel, And That’s Ok
Cascade Policy Institute

The Cost Of Public Transit In New Jersey Is Being Paid By Those With The Least Access To It
Garden State Initiative

New Poll: Majority Of Nc Voters Think They’ll Be Worse Off After Biden’s Term 
John Locke Foundation

Leandro Order: Creating A Constitutional Crisis To Benefit The Education Establishment
John Locke Foundation

Unclear Implications For New Digital Driver’s License Program
Mississippi Center for Public Policy

Virginia Shows Conservatives How To Win
Mississippi Center for Public Policy

Civic Commitments Are An Intrinsic Part Of American National Holidays
Sutherland Institute

TPPF Condemns Build Back Better Act 
Texas Public Policy Foundation

Think Tanks In The News

Biden Vaccine Mandate Could Impact AU, UA
Alabama Policy Institute in The Southeast Sun

Alaskans are right to worry about ranked-choice voting
Alaska Policy Forum in the Washington Examiner

Building A ‘Regulatory Sandbox’ Would Help Ohio Join The Fintech Revolution
The Buckeye Institute in The Columbus Dispatch

How To Restore Ohio’s Leadership In Technology And Innovation
The Buckeye Institute in Crain’s Cleveland Business

Reform Current Pension Benefits, Ensure Systems’ Future Survival
Bluegrass Institute in the West Kentucky Star

Continuing Inflation
Commonwealth Foundation on Newsmax

New Data: Telehealth Parity Mandates Reduce Patient Uptake
Foundation for Government Accountability at Forbes

Does Stacey Abrams Know about the Cost of Expanding Medicaid?
Foundation for Government Accountability at RealClearPolicy

Build Back Better Act Steers Billions of Medicaid Dollars to Labor Unions
Freedom Foundation at RealClearPolicy

It’s Time to Reclaim American Federalism
Goldwater Institute at RealClearPublicAffairs

Making Employment Undesirable For Many
Independence Institute in The Gazette

Tax Reform Is On The Move
ITR Foundation at The Center Square

Democrats Threaten to Send Winter Shivers Through Michigan
Mackinac Center in The Wall Street Journal

Biden Energy Policy ‘Confusing And Backward
Mackinac Center on Fox Business       

Democrats Double Down On Extreme: New Plans Could Kill Off Essential Energy Infrastructure
Mackinac Center in The Hill

Teacher Shortage Tied To Incentives
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs in the Skiatook Journal

Obamacare’s Marketplace Embarrassment Stretches on For Another Year
Pacific Research Institute in Newsmax

Federal Government Misses Opportunity With Unlawful Private Sector Vaccine Mandates
Pacific Research Institute in the Washington Examiner

If you have a record, look at the hundreds of good things you can’t do in Louisiana
Texas Public Policy Foundation in The Advocate

Wall Street’s Energy Discrimination Will Hurt America
Texas Public Policy Foundation in The Epoch Times

A Quarter Century of Conservative Florida Governance Points to This Moment
The James Madison Institute at RealClearPolicy

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