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Week in Review: September 17, 2021


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Holding governors like Newsom and Cuomo accountable is up to the people, federalism makes it easier

All agree: Better voting access and security are needed

What are school vouchers?

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Solutions from the states: This week’s policy briefs

Policy Solution: Helping Students Read
Too many Wisconsin children struggle to read, creating an educational, moral, and workforce crisis. The Institute for Reforming Government released policy recommendations for increasing reading proficiency.

North Carolina COVID Facts
The John Locke Foundation released an analysis detailing data that is often overlooked by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. In an effort to provide better context for North Carolinians, this page will be regularly updated, with relevant information on coronavirus numbers in the state.

Where Did Critical Race Theory Come From?
The John Locke Foundation’s Dr. Terry Stoops provides readers with a well-researched, thoughtful analysis on the roots of Critical Race Theory so that they are better equipped to engage in reasoned debate when they engage with their school and business boards.

Mask Wars? There Is a Way Forward
Is there a way out of the school mask wars? The John Locke Foundation’s Dr. Bob Luebke says, “Yes.” Luebke examines Florida’s recent legislation designed to provide families with school options that meet their risk assessment needs and discusses how it can be scaled for North Carolinians. 

Celebrate Freedom
The James Madison Institute released the newest edition of its civics education curriculum Celebrate Freedom in partnership with the Tampa Bay Times Newspaper in Education (NIE) and the Florida Press Education Services, Inc. JMI released the 12-page education paper which will be circulated to students across the state of Florida, as well as parts of Texas. The latest edition of Celebrate Freedom has been designed to highlight the many leaders of all backgrounds who have built America into the country it is today.

Policy Brief: Natural Immunity Should be Included as a Vaccine Exemption
Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity released a policy brief using analysis of state and international research data, along with historical norms, to support the conclusion that “natural immunity” should be allowed as a “contraindication to vaccination”, or exemption, to mandated vaccinations.

A Dangerous Precedent: How the Endangerment Finding Expanded the EPA’s Regulatory Powers
The Texas Public Policy Foundation released a new paper detailing how the Environmental Protection Agency has developed a growing suite of regulations on greenhouse gases, despite the lack of explicit authority from Congress.

Policy news from the states

Criminal Justice Reform

Trends In State-Level Criminal Justice Reform In 2020
The Buckeye Institute

Less Policing Means More Crime In Minneapolis
Center Of The American Experiment

The High Costs Of Incarceration
Empower Mississippi

Expungement Reform Can Promote Safety And Personal Responsibility
Oklahoma Council Of Public Affairs

Louisiana’s Love Affair With Legal Plunder
Pelican Institute For Public Policy

Texans Deserve A Bail System Based On Risk, Not Riches 
Texas Public Policy Foundation

The Fitch Files: Backlash Over Police Accountability Act Fuels Change In Police Union Representation
Yankee Institute For Public Policy


Quote Of The Day – Plus – Boosting Knowledge Boosts Reading, Too
Bluegrass Institute

Poll Shows A Growing Majority Of Registered Voters Support School Choice
Cascade Policy Institute

Public School Parents Less Satisfied With Their Schools Than Parents In Other Learning Environments
Center Of The American Experiment

Masking Children Belies Honest Cost-Benefit Considerations
Ethan Allen Institute

Stop Scapegoating Online Charter Schools 
Mackinac Center For Public Policy

Troubling Test Results For Missouri Students
Show-Me Institute


The Next Step Forward: Permanent Expansion Of Telehealth Licensing
Alaska Policy Forum

Nurse Practitioners Should Have Greater Freedom
Cardinal Institute For West Virginia Policy

Overdose Deaths: Blame Government Too, Not Just Pharma
Cardinal Institute For West Virginia Policy

Two More States Lift Hurdle For Nurse Practitioners
Empower Mississippi

FGA Statement Supporting Ohio Lawsuit To Reinstate Medicaid Work Requirements 
Foundation For Government Accountability

Price Controls On Drugs – What It Really Means For The Health Of Americans
Washington Policy Center

Housing Affordability

U Of M Study Reveals How Minneapolis Landlords Would Respond To Rent Control 
Center Of The American Experiment

Jobs And State Economies

California Roaring Back?
California Policy Center

To Help Small Businesses, Lawmakers Should Loosen Regulations
Center Of The American Experiment

If Governor Walz Really Wants To Help Small Businesses, Cut Their Taxes
Center Of The American Experiment

More NY Job Gains In August—But Employment Needs To Rise A Lot Further
Empire Center For Public Policy

New Jersey Workers In Their Prime Among Hardest Hit In US
Garden State Initiative

Universal Recognition, A License To Work
Georgia Public Policy Foundation

Share Covid Relief Funds With Taxpayers Instead Of Expanding Government 
Kansas Policy Institute

Say No To More Business Subsidies
Mackinac Center For Public Policy

Strong Economic Policy Is Essential For Political Leaders 
Mississippi Center For Public Policy

State Budgets And Spending

KYTC Awarded $33.3 Million In Single-Bid Contracts Exceeding Their Engineer’s Estimates In August
Bluegrass Institute

If I Were A Rich Man 
Caesar Rodney Institute

Newest Pensions For Retirees Of Police And Fire Careers Average $86,852
Empire Center For Public Policy

NJ’s Antiquated Teacher Pension Plans Fail Educators And Taxpayers
Garden State Initiative

Rockford Sees Public Pensions Eat Nearly 40% Of Municipal Property Taxes
Illinois Policy Institute

Nearly Two-Thirds Of Peoria Property Taxes Consumed By Pensions
Illinois Policy Institute

Four Key Differences Between The House, Senate, And Cooper Budget Plans
John Locke Foundation

Nebraskanomics: A Gaap In Nebraska Budgeting Practices
Platte Institute

Nebraskanomics: Taxes That Lose Money For Nebraska
Platte Institute

Does The Hancock Amendment Have An Achilles Heel?
Show-Me Institute

What’s Next For Tax Reform In Iowa
TEF Iowa

Making Better Use Of Your Taxes
TEF Iowa

Workplace Freedom

Hundreds Of MN Teachers Have Left The Union
Center of The American Experiment


So You Say There Ought To Be A Law
Libertas Institute

Why All Politicians Love Job Training Programs
Mackinac Center For Public Policy

Mississippi’s Defense Industry Has Great Potential For Growth, But More Economic Freedom Is Needed
Mississippi Center For Public Policy

Why Capitalism Works And Government Control Doesn’t
Nevada Policy Research Institute

The Flawed Argument For Vaccine Mandates 
Nevada Policy Research Institute

Think Tanks In The News

Ohio Education And The ‘Ace’ Up Its Sleeve
The Buckeye Institute In The Lima News

Reject Corporate Welfare’s Unknowns For Proven Practices
Bluegrass Institute In The West Kentucky Star

Gavin Newsom’s White Privilege
California Policy Center In The Wall Street Journal

Opting In And Out Of Government Spending
Ethan Allen Institute In The Mountain News

US Constitution Doesn’t Permit Forced Covid-19 Vaccinations 
Freedom Foundation in Washington Times

In Boardman, SCOTUS Can Safeguard the First Amendment — and Put Unions in Their Place
Freedom Foundation at RedState

Six Oregon Workers File Lawsuit Against Governor, OHA Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate
Freedom Foundation cited at KATU Online

Don’t Make Minnesota The Land Of Countless Lakes … But No Fun
Freedom Foundation of Minnesota in the Star Tribune

We Can’t Tax-And-Spend Our Way To ‘Recovery’
Goldwater Institute in The Hill

Why Most Federal Land Holdings Are Unconstitutional And Why You Must Care
Independence Institute in The Epoch Times

North Carolina Requires Too Many State-Approved Licenses
John Locke Foundation in The Hickory Daily Record

Billions In Spending, Hundreds Of Millions In Grants — Union Future Influence In The Infrastructure Bill
Mackinac Center in The Hill

All Agree: Better Voting Access And Security Are Needed
State Policy Network at RealClearPolitics

The Electoral College, Last Defense Of Federalism
Tax Education Foundation of Iowa at The Center Square

Securities Regulations Shackle Us Cryptocurrency Industry
The James Madison Institute at Reason

Can Biden Defend His Vaccine Mandate? 
Wisconsin Institute For Law & Liberty in The Hill

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