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Why the 2020 election is a mandate for solutions and moderation
If this election mandates anything, it’s a rejection of extremes in both parties.

This op-ed by SPN Vice President of Communications Carrie Conko first published at USA Today.

Politicians hoping to emerge from the 2020 election with a robust mandate for change received a different instruction from voters this month: Restore equilibrium.

Democrats had hoped for a double-digit Joe Biden win, significant gains in Congress and plentiful down-ballot wins that would give them clearance to usher in reforms. Republicans pinned their hopes on a group of silent Donald Trump voters who could propel their candidate to a second term, and perhaps even reverse midterm Congressional seat losses.

Instead, responding to record campaign expenditures and a drumbeat of media, Americans voted in record numbers to send the message that while we are divided about who can best serve us in Washington, we are in agreement that we want balanced solutions and political consensus from Congress and the states.

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