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Building community and leadership in a digital world

America’s Future Foundation (AFF) strives to build communities across the country of young professionals who believe in the values of liberty. At the heart of AFF’s mission has traditionally been the organization’s chapter program—which regularly brings people together for in-person events to forge connections and foster free and open dialogue.  

With the advent of the COVID-19 crisis and social distancing efforts, AFF has quickly shifted gears to adapt this mission to a pandemic-stricken, virtual world. 

AFF chapters have continued to host events digitally, bringing a much-needed voice for liberty to cities across the country that are seeing more and more government control—and bringing some much-needed connection and community to isolated people. AFF-Raleigh partnered with the Civitas Institute to explore North Carolina’s government’s response to the crisis. AFF-Nashville hosted an award-winning music producer, whose home studio had previously been shut down, to discuss the future of home businesses. And AFF-New Orleans hosted a local bartender to lead a virtual quarantine cocktail-making happy hour. 

In addition, AFF has engaged young professionals from all corners of the US through national webinars on vital issues such as deregulation measures, the national economic impact of the crisis and the government’s response, and what the crisis teaches about the American healthcare systemhosting speakers from the Illinois Policy Institute, R Street Institute, O’Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom, The Heritage Foundation, and more. 

Millennials and Gen Z were already embracing socialism at terrifyingly high numbers. Now, as people are freely handing over more and more control to the government in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, empowering young freedom fighters across the country is more important than ever to ensuring that the US remains free and prosperous in the future. AFF remains active in this mission through new programming and digital tools. Organizations interested in reaching this critical audience with their free-market policy solutions to the current crisis are encouraged to reach out to America’s Future Foundation at

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