This weekly round-up shares the latest news about what the network is doing to promote state-based solutions that will improve the lives of families, workers, and local communities. If you are an SPN state think tank and have an update you’d like us to include in next week’s round-up, please email us at (all submissions are subject to SPN approval).


Donor Privacy: Protecting individuals’ rights of free speech and association.

Education: Expanding options for families

  • Commonwealth Foundation: Pennsylvania’s tax credit scholarship programs are so popular that they could double in size and still not meet the demand, a new report by the Foundation says.
  • Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty: The Institute has authored comprehensive analysis on the relationship between Governor Walker’s 2011 collective bargaining reform law (Act 10) and student performance in the classroom. The report found that curtailing the collective bargaining power of teachers’ unions has led to higher test scores.

Government Transparency: Keeping government accountable

  • Alaska Policy Forum: The Forum is launching a new site focused on detailing and chronicling the outside money that is impacting policy in Alaska and putting the agendas of environmental activists ahead of residents.

Jobs & Occupational Licensing Reform: Increasing jobs and opportunity

  • Garden State Institute: “Let’s start with the premise that having an economic plan is better than not.”The Institute analyzes the economic plan proposed by New Jersey’s governor.
  • Pelican Institute: The Institute has released a comprehensive Jobs and Opportunity Agenda outlining the reforms needed to bring jobs and opportunity back to Louisiana. They will be releasing a policy paper every 3-6 weeks detailing the issues outlined in their agenda.

Pension Reform: Achieving retirement security

  • Truth in Accounting: Truth in Accounting’s extensive pension database on has been updated to include the latest available data. Explore the funded ratio, discount rate, and more for your state’s most popular pension plans here.

Taxes & Budgets: Encouraging fiscal responsibility and sustainability

  • Show Me Institute: The Institute outlines why an earned income tax credit would help Missouri’s poor more than a minimum wage hike.

Worker Freedom: Giving workers a voice and a choice

  • Center of the American Experiment: The Center’s campaign to inform Minnesota teachers of their rights during their one-week opt out window has gained significant media attention.
  • Commonwealth Foundation: A recent report found that in 2018, government unions accounted for nearly a quarter of all donations to the Pennsylvania’s governor, making them, as a group, the largest contributor this year.
  • Mackinac Center: This week, the Center filed a lawsuit against New Jersey Governor Phil Murphyand Attorney General Gurbir Grewal, challenging the constitutionality of the misleadingly titled “Workplace Democracy Enhancement Act” – signed into law on May 17.