State Policy Network

Board Development Program

SPN’s Board Development Program empowers and connects state think tank board members, ensuring that an ever-growing number of SPN affiliates enjoy the benefits of an effectively engaged board.

Programs include:

Fundraising Training

Board members play a vital role as fundraising leaders in an organization. SPN’s specialized fundraising training for board members defines the board’s role within an organization’s overall development program and provides real-world training in identifying, cultivating, and stewarding donors for an organization.

Board Training and Advising

SPN offers practical training in key areas of board responsibility, including overseeing organizational strategy, as well as legal and financial stewardship of an organization. SPN has also added a Board Development Track to the Annual Meeting to give affiliate board members a chance to learn from organizational experts and share best practices with each other.

Peer Networking

SPN facilitates connections among affiliate board members so they can build relationships with each other and exchange ideas and best practices year-round.

For more information on SPN’s board development program, contact SPN’s Vice President of Leadership Development Teresa Brown.

As a board member, I was able to develop relationships with board members from other SPN affiliates…and learn the importance of my role in the long-term vitality of our organization. Every board member should attend the SPN Annual Meeting! It is some of the best time you can spend to grow your think tank.

– Keith Pauley, Board Member of the Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy