The Institute for Policy Innovation is pulling no punches. It is encouraging the Trump administration to build on its economic successes by aggressively pursuing trade liberalization, warning of the consequences of levying tariffs and inciting trade wars.

IPI hosted Trump economic adviser Stephen Moore at a sold-out Dallas lunch entitled, “Trumponomics,” which focused on how President Trump’s tax cuts, deregulation, and energy expansion have rapidly grown the US economy and created jobs. During the event, Moore said he has also encouraged the President to move toward zero tariffs, especially among the other G-7 nations.

Merrill Matthews, resident scholar at IPI, has appeared multiple times on CGTN-America TV and written in The Hill, praising President Trump for achieving US energy dominance. But he has warned that this accomplishment is imperiled by trade wars. “Tariffs are a tax that the government imposes on its own people,” said Matthews. And given the negative economic implications of tariffs, such as opening the doors to crony capitalism and causing the cost of goods to rise, IPI has joined a coalition urging for the congressional approval of setting tariffs, a constitutionally prescribed role for Congress which has over the years slowly been delegated to the President.