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Free State Foundation’s most effective 2018 victory

The Free State Foundation had many successes in 2018. Indeed, it was the most productive and impactful year ever. But there is little doubt that FSF’s biggest success was leading the fight to get the FCC to repeal the Obama Administration’s FCC regulations imposing public utility-like mandates on internet service providers.

In its January 2018 Restoring Internet Freedom Order, the FCC cited the Free State Foundation’s comments 50 times in support of its repeal action. No doubt the fight to preserve internet freedom will continue as pro-regulatory forces already are seeking a return to public utility regulation.

In keeping with its long-standing leadership role, in September 2018, FSF published A Reader on Net Neutrality and Restoring Internet Freedom. The book is a valuable resource for those continuing the fight against unwise and unlawful net neutrality regulation.