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Federal regulation could end skimming of union dues from Medicaid

By Max Nelsen, Director of Labor Policy at the Freedom Foundation. This article was originally published at

Today, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking announcing its intention to repeal an Obama-era regulation that some states — including Washington, Oregon and California — have used as justification for collecting union dues from Medicaid payments to home caregivers serving the disabled and elderly.

As the Freedom Foundation has discovered in its interactions with thousands of caregivers over the past several years, the practice has enabled unions to exploit hundreds of thousands of caregivers around the country by skimming hundreds of millions of dollars from their wages.

Even after the US Supreme Court’s 2014 ruling in Harris v. Quinn rendered unconstitutional state laws forcing caregivers to pay union dues and fees, unions and their political allies in state governments have worked to put in place coercive measures designed to maintain unions’ dues collection from caregivers.

Consequently, the Freedom Foundation began calling for federal action to end dues skimming last year.

Go here to read the full article and learn how this potential rule could help protect home healthcare providers.

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