State Policy Network

California Policy Center

Communications Director

  • Type: Full-Time
  • Discipline: Communications
  • Location: 18002 Irvine Blvd, Suite 108 Tustin, CA 92780


YOU: You’re thrilled by the prospect of educating Californians on the virtues of freedom. You’re a policy geek who serves as a translator to everyday people, of all backgrounds, ages, colors, ethnicities and languages. You’re a data-driven social media expert who can also write and edit on deadline—and amplify our work in the mainstream media.

You’ve managed design projects, from logos and flyers to websites. Technology doesn’t terrify you: you know MailChimp or something even better. You still see the power of TV and radio, and know how to get yourself and others in front of microphones and cameras.

You might speak more than mere English, but you find solutions even when your audiences often speak a language other than English. You see your communications role as building audiences both outside the office and in it. You can see yourself managing others, even if the people you’re managing are technically above you on an org chart. You’ve got a sense of humor that resonates in your work. You’re kind and joyful even in the face of (metaphorical) sticks, stones, and general nastiness. You’re an innovator: where others see hurdles, roadblocks or prickly bushes, you see openings.

US: We’re the California Policy Center, a nonprofit organization based in Southern California. Our mission is to secure a freer, more prosperous California by eliminating public-sector barriers to freedom and economic growth, and proposing policy solutions to the state’s most pressing challenges. We do that by working with allies in likeminded organizations, and building audiences—of parents of kids in failing public schools, liberty-minded local officials, activists, and donors who believe as we do in the virtuous, flourishing, voluntary society.

A college degree is neither required nor preferred. We are looking for an individual with:

  • Exceptional communication skills
  • A commitment to detail and accuracy
  • Alignment with the organization’s mission and objectives
  • An entrepreneurial, self-driven spirit who can work collaboratively


How to apply

Interested? Send work samples and a short note to CPC’s COO, Lance Christensen at

California Policy Center
Tustin, CA