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Digital Content and Advertising Strategist

  • Type: Full-Time
  • Discipline: Communications
  • Location: Virtual
  • Application Deadline: November 15, 2021


The Digital Content and Advertising Strategist is responsible for producing, distributing, and amplifying FGA digital content on social media platforms, email marketing platforms, in ad campaigns, and on our website, among other avenues. The strategist will continually be on the lookout for new opportunities to engage in the marketplace with our issues, ensuring our content is seen by designated target audiences.

The ideal candidate has 3-5 years of relevant experience with deep knowledge of how to best use digital platforms to spark interest and drive engagement and will have an interest in microtargeting to specific individuals. Timeliness and familiarity with the news cycle, current events, and moving legislation plays a large part in this role. Political campaign experience is required, and Internet marketing experience is a plus.

The Digital Content and Advertising Strategist will report to FGA’s Digital Marketing Director.

Culture and Fit

Success at FGA depends not only on a person’s skills, but also on their ability to fit the culture of FGA. We describe our culture with five Core Values:

  • Candid to Solve—being willing to have tough conversations in order to solve issues or build trust
  • Grow or Die—we don’t have a neutral gear; we must consistently challenge ourselves and each other to grow in our talents and skills
  • Politically Savvy—policy doesn’t change in a vacuum, but in a political reality that we must understand and account for
  • Partnership-Oriented—internal and external relationships are not transactional. That starts with our team members and the perspective that we need the rest of the team to succeed in order to win personally
  • Bought in to Win—we’re at FGA because we want to change policy. No one is counting hours or widgets, we are here to get results, and sometimes that will require going the extra mile or doing a job that isn’t technically ours

It might help to think about the following list of questions. If you answer “yes” to all of them, you may be a fit for the team if your skill sets match the requirements below. The vast majority of those who don’t get hired or don’t last at FGA are due to a lack of fit with these values. Be prepared to have very candid conversations about them in our interview process.

  • Do you wholeheartedly agree with the policies that we advocate (see org for a full description) and the underlying principles that people’s lives are made better through work, not government welfare, and that a free market creates greater freedom and equality than any command-and-control government system?
  • Do you agree that embracing the realities of politics is necessary to have success in changing public policy?
  • Do you tend to be the one who initiates conversations with colleagues, rather than waiting for them to come to you?
  • Are you comfortable creating your own structure for work, such as setting work hours, your own priorities, and creating clarity and a work plan from a broad goal?
  • Does it motivate you to think about working with a team of world-class professionals who are held to a very high standard of achieving results?
  • Do you seize opportunities to try new things or improve a skill that’s relevant to your company or role?
  • Are you able to build meaningful relationships (creating trust) with people you only see face to face a few times a year?
  • Do you tend to lead teams by creating clarity about goals and progress, rather than proscribing the steps they need to take?
  • Are you aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and do you have a practice of getting help from others to mitigate your weaknesses?

Roles and Responsibilities

The Digital Content and Advertising Strategist will have five primary roles: 1) operating, executing, and providing results of email marketing campaigns via FGA’s email marketing platform, Pardot; 2) produce and distribute digital content on all FGA social and digital channels; 3) oversee digital ad campaigns, continually testing new messages and content to boost engagement; 4) research new, personal ways to get FGA content in front of policymakers and influential figures; and 5) post content to website, optimizing performance in each. This role breaks down into a number of responsibilities. Some of the key responsibilities are:

Run email marketing campaigns

  • Draft email copy to target audiences, recommending subject lines and testing opportunities when applicable.
  • Provide results of email marketing campaigns on a weekly/monthly basis.
  • Distill FGA’s policy reforms into easy-to-understand messages for digital audiences.

Produce and distribute content via social media

  • Draft tweets and posts, and work with creative design team to create graphics to post regularly on FGA social media platforms.
  • React quickly to breaking news, inserting FGA content where applicable.
  • Distill FGA’s policy reforms into easy-to-understand messages for digital audiences.

Oversee digital ad campaigns

  • Create and develop digital ad campaigns to build awareness of FGA brand and reforms.
  • Develop ad campaigns focused on our key audiences, rather than increasing followers for the sake of increasing followers.
  • Target digital ads to limited audiences (could be one person, a caucus, key committee members, etc.) in states where FGA issues are moving.

Research and develop new ways to distribute content

  • Research and maintain database of contact information for policymakers and staff, e.g. Twitter accounts and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Experiment and explore different digital advertising strategies, taking advantage of new mediums to promote FGA to target audiences.

Website management

  • Ensure FGA’s website is optimized for SEO.
  • Post content to website using best SEO practices and update website pages to take advantage of SEO opportunities.
  • Implement necessary website changes at the direction of the Digital Marketing Director


  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience in digital advertising
  • A bachelor’s degree is not required if paired with significant work experience
  • Familiar with the risks and rewards associated with social media, with a demonstrated ability to navigate the social landscape to promote FGA while avoiding unwanted attention
  • Familiarity with Salesforce, WordPress, and Google Analytics
  • Humility and a disposition that is focused on mission and outcome, not personal recognition
  • Match FGA’s Core Values (described above)

Timing, Location, and Compensation

FGA is seeking to fill this position as soon as possible. Location is flexible. While FGA’s headquarters are in Naples, FL, nearly all of FGA’s staff work remotely. It is important to note that most of our staff currently live in the Central or Eastern time zones, therefore, candidates in another area may face more lengthy travel requirements. FGA offers a competitive salary and benefits package, including a retirement program, a health benefit, and a generous paid leave plan.

This job can be virtual.

How to apply

All applicants must submit a cover letter and resume through this link.

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