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Fellowship Program – Emergent Order Foundation

  • Type: Full-Time
  • Discipline: Communications


Emergent Order Foundation (EO.F) is a non-profit, for-purpose media studio based in Austin, TX that’s built on decades of award-winning entertainment and educational content creation by its core team whose experience includes work at Paramount, Spike TV, Webtoon, Nickelodeon, MTV and its sister production company Emergent Order. Through heroic storytelling that embodies classical virtues and that moves our audience to purposeful action, our mission at Emergent Order Foundation is to build a bottom-up movement that celebrates American freedom and the potential it unlocks in each of us. EO.F is looking for full-time candidates to participate in a year-long fellowship program designed to identify talent and help solidify the discipline they are pursuing while dramatically improving their critical thinking, creativity, and operational literacy. Learn More: 

About the Role

EO.F has created a new fellowship program and opportunity for talented candidates at the center of building a modern de-centralized media network that loves America. The approach is to embed fellows in a year-long, real-world, fully immersive experience by generating tangible project experience. All of our fellows will exit the program having learned from seasoned professionals and ready to succeed in their future media careers. The final output of the fellowship will be a video or series of videos that advance our values, connect with our audience and meet our high standards. As a member of the fellowship, you’ll rotate quarterly between 4 central disciplines that are shared by virtually all major media and entertainment companies and comprises the end-to-end pipeline of content creation:

  1. Creative Research and Development
  2. Production and Operations
  3. Post-Production and Deliverables
  4. Marketing and Distribution

Today, it is essential for media professionals to have an operational understanding of ALL FOUR of these disciplines to succeed in a fast-changing marketplace. Multi-media producers routinely touch all four as they seek to create media for a target audience. With that in mind, our program will implement an intensive multi-disciplinary, rotating, year-long experience across all 4 disciplines. Each fellow will report into the department in charge of that discipline, working as an apprentice with seasoned professionals. Fellows will participate in organization-wide brainstorming sessions and be encouraged to pitch their ideas for projects and participate in the execution of their best ideas. Every Friday will be dedicated to a self-directed year-long team media project aligned with EO.F’s mission to tell heroic stories that celebrate American freedom. This project allows for the fellows to connect regularly on what they are learning and practice stretching themselves in a cross-disciplinary way. 

Core Competencies for the Role

Specific skills and experience are important, but they are far less important to us than your mindset and approach to getting the job done as part of a team. Your past experience and potential fit for the role will be judged overwhelmingly on a demonstration of the following core competencies: 

  • You lead with integrity: You don’t cut corners or cut anyone down in the process of getting your work done. You treat everyone with dignity, respect and love. And when you see some nonsense going on, you don’t just take offense, you take action.

  • Deeply Inquisitive: You have a growth mindset. You’re a curious, life-long-learner, ravenous to understand the way things REALLY are, not the way you hope they’ll be or the way other’s claim them to be. Call it scientific skepticism. You want to get to the truth, and verify it through investigation and careful measurement. That way, the choices you make and advice you give are reality-based.

  • You Think (and Act) Fast, and Slow: You’ve got a fast, intuitive mind and HIGH velocity of work, but you’re also systems-oriented and methodical. 85% of the time, your first thought will be right, but you always take that deep breath to ask “and then what” before leaping into action. That way, you can sprint with confidence without much concern that you’ll run off a cliff Wile E. Coyote style.

  • You work smart, not just hard: Yes, you have the smarts and sheer grit to muscle through that stack of problems, but if a better mousetrap can be built, you build it. If it can be scripted, automated or systematized so that you and your team are freed to take on the more thorny/wicked problems, you build the robot. And, of course, you love to build robots. You relish in learning new tools. You see poetry in project management tools and databases.

  • Playful Problem Solver: You keep your sense of humor and take joy in Getting Things Done Right. Having a mile-long to-do list doesn’t stress you it, it invigorates you. It’s your PURPOSE to rip though that list and do it well. You’re drawn to those gordian knots like a moth to a flame. And when you cut through them, the satisfaction propels you into your next challenge with gusto. Despite your analytical bent, you don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. 

The Details

  • Must be able to communicate clearly and effectively across all departments
  • Excellent time management & high problem-solving skills
  • Must be adaptable to change with quarterly department rotations
  • Ability to research and present information in a clear and concise manner
  • Familiar with cloud computing tools such as the Google Suite and Image Editing
  • Familiar with publishing on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram
  • Heavy consumer of pop culture, music and content platforms
  • Excellent organizational skills

Details on each of the 4 Central Disciplines: 

Creative Research and Development

  1. Brainstorm & propose video ideas which accomplish the goals of the foundation and/or video series 2
  2. Suggest & research video topics, stories, and potential interview subjects
  3. Review EO.F’s footage library and pitch ancillary content ideas
  4. Prepare research materials for green-lit ideas as part of the scripting process

Production and Operations

  1. Assist with setting up and executing video shoots as necessary
  2. Get vendor estimates, research costs and create budgets
  3. Scheduling crew for shoots
  4. Help organize and maintain in-house production equipment

Post-Production and Deliverables

  1. Source stock footage, music, etc. for video projects
  2. Log and tag to footage
  3. Create string-outs, selects reels as necessary

Marketing and Distribution

  1. Assist in building pitch decks
  2. Assist with event planning and execution 

The Bottom Line(s)

Who, where, when and how much, you ask?

  • This is a paid full-time position that offers a base salary
  • In this role, you will report directly to department heads
  • Our headquarters are in Austin, TX. On-site and on-location work is required as part of the role.
  • We offer robust group PPO health insurance with a wide range of plan options (via United Healthcare’s Choice Plus Network), wellness and other benefits for full-time staff. 

How to apply

Please submit your application and CV here: