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Program Director (Incubator Plus)

  • Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Virtual


State Policy Network is seeking a Program Director to join our fast-paced, growing SPN LaunchPad team. This position is ideal for a market-oriented, entrepreneurial candidate, with prior business or consulting experience in organization development, innovation, and growth strategies.

The Incubator Plus Program Director is a senior-level position responsible for developing programming that supports high-potential entrepreneurs in strengthening and scaling early-stage concepts following an intensive two-day incubation event. The director will be responsible for developing the methodology and approach to the incubator program, as well as management of the day-to-day program operations. Blending strategic thinking with business expertise, the director will work alongside entrepreneurs to develop and implement strategies that accelerate their project’s implementation, growth, and outcomes.

The Incubator Plus Program Director will also assist with recruitment and engagement of experts, mentors, and coaches in the LaunchPad community.

We have retained the Executive Search Practice group RobertHalf for this search.

About SPN’s LaunchPad Project

State Policy Network’s LaunchPad is an ecosystem where social and business entrepreneurs hone innovative solutions to address pressing problems related to human freedom and civil society in the states. A Brain Trust of transformative thinkers, like-minded innovators, and veteran entrepreneurs help create this ecosystem.

We invite up to 10 idea entrepreneurs to advance their project in an exclusive, intensive two-day LaunchPad in-person event, where participants pitch their idea to the Brain Trust.

In the months leading up to the two-day event, the SPN team will work with each project and project owner to prepare for the in-person event. This preparation process is called the DISCOVERY phase.

The two-day intensive is our INCUBATOR EVENT. Using a co-creation process, assumptions are tested, ideas improved, and an action plan is developed in concert with Brain Trust members.  Up to 50 Brain Trust members will be at the work session. These individuals are experts in their fields, successful entrepreneurs, and transformative thinkers. A handful will be grant-makers and investors. Brain Trust members are self-organizing and are free to choose where they lend their expertise.

Idea entrepreneurs who successfully complete the INCUBATOR EVENT, and who need key resources to successfully launch, advance to the INCUBATOR PLUS. There the project owner is provided the type of intense structure, training, mentorship, and investor networking required to potentially move toward remarkable success.


  • Creating and managing the implementation of the programming schedule, which will include trainings, individualized coaching and intervention, as well as regular cohort meetings.
  • Developing a customized needs assessment for each entrepreneur and project and craft an individualized plan and related connections to assist the entrepreneur in execution.
  • Providing targeted 1-on-1 support to project owners to clarify policy obstacles, review progress, and provide additional resources and support as needed.
  • Connecting idea entrepreneurs with mentors, coaches, and experts as needed, using the existing LaunchPad team and Brain Trust members as appropriate.
  • Providing strategy consulting to each idea entrepreneur in areas such as vision development, market research, business model, growth strategy and tactics, client acquisition, financing, fundraising, operations, contract negotiations, and other areas.
  • Developing a plan and assistance for project owners that have participated in the two-day Incubator event but did not move into the Incubator Plus.
  • On a continual basis, tracking projects to note marketing and fundraising opportunities related to individual projects and providing information to key team members to capitalize on opportunities.
  • Developing and building a coaching and mentorship bench, utilizing LaunchPad Brain Trust members. Building strong relationships with these existing partners and resources.
  • Working with other SPN team members, assisting with recruitment and selection of LaunchPad projects (Note: They anticipate 20-25 projects throughout the year, with at least 10-15 of those projects moving forward into the Incubator Plus or some level of engagement with the Incubator Plus Program Director).


  • 8-10+ years previous work experience in business and project management, including scenario planning, and using optimization techniques to solve project and business problems.
  • A passion for social innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Entrepreneurial experience across multiple industry sectors preferred.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in policy, advocacy, business, marketing, and finance.
  • Strong knowledge of fundamental business concepts and excellent problem-solving skills with ability to set benchmarks and measures; evaluation methods; identify root causes related to positive or negative results; and recommend solutions and experiments to test project viability.
  • Able to cultivate, build, and maintain strong working relationships with individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Business, Management, or Public Administration is required.
  • An advanced degree like a M.B.A., M.P.H, M.P.A., J.D. is preferred.


This job can be virtual.

How to apply

If interested, please contact:

Kevin Hicar, Senior Principal, (202) 572-8312 or

State Policy Network
Remote position