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John Locke Foundation leads on policy reforms, collaborates with allies

In a collaboration with the Reason Foundation, the John Locke Foundation (JLF) published research on North Carolina’s public education financing system, concluding the unfair and inefficient system is crying out for reform grounded in a student-centered approach. Co-authors Dr. Terry Stoops of JLF and Aaron Garth Smith of Reason analyzed modernization efforts in other states and provide a roadmap for allocating North Carolina’s dollars based on a weighted-student formula based in fairness, transparency, portability, and autonomy.

On a recent visit to Raleigh by US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, Stoops was among the invited guests for a roundtable discussion on school choice and the Trump administration’s proposed Education Freedom Scholarships. JLF Senior Fellow Don van der Vaart has been appointed to the North Carolina Environmental Management Commission, the board that adopts rules for the preservation and enhancement of the state’s air and water resources. JLF’s analysis of the stalemate over a new state budget provided data and links in a Governing story about the debate over Medicaid expansion. The bipartisan budget deal passed by the legislature but vetoed by Gov. Roy Cooper does not include expansion.

The budget and Medicaid debate also sparked a Forbes column by Patrick Gleason of Americans For Tax Reform, who cited JLF’s Becki Gray and linked to analysis by JLF’s Joe Coletti. As the state’s legislative session continued, Gray testified before committees on two key JLF policy priorities: the need to update the state’s outdated criminal code and the need to repeal the state’s anticompetitive certificate-of-need laws. And, a key regulatory reform championed by JLF’s Jon Sanders has been signed into law. Going forward, all rules under review will either be repealed or subjected to the rules-adoption process again.

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