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Solutions for improving access to and affordability of care

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Decades of regulatory red tape have driven up the costs of healthcare while undermining choice, and have perversely served as an excuse for even more layers of top-down bureaucratic management of healthcare. SPN think tanks are advancing a number of common-sense solutions that restore control over medical decisions to consumers and their doctors, with the goal of making healthcare more affordable and accessible for all Americans.

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10 Reforms State Lawmakers Can Implement Now

Imagine a world in which you can visit with your doctor using your iPhone, or only take 10 minutes out of your day to drive to a specialist, or actually spend a full hour with your doctor. This is possible through the state-level reforms and action steps outlined in SPN’s state-focused healthcare toolkit. These reforms may be tailored to each state—and they are already working. Think tanks in Tennessee, Oklahoma, Ohio, and Wyoming have educated their state populations on these reforms, many of which have passed.
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50 States, 50 Stories: The Impact of the Affordable Care Act

With the passage of the ACA, Congress promised Americans that they would be able to keep the plans and doctors they like while paying less for health insurance and healthcare overall. Seven years later, many Americans have fewer choices when it comes to health decisions and are paying more for care and insurance. These stories from around the country highlight state and local challenges and represent the need for a state-based approach that unleashes innovation in healthcare based upon the needs of citizens.

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Medicaid Waiver Toolkit

This toolkit outlines twenty reforms that states can begin seeking immediately to flex their muscles against Washington’s bureaucratic red tape. By taking advantage of opportunities that already exist and demanding even greater flexibility through the process, states can innovate with more affordable, accessible, market- driven healthcare solutions whether or not Washington passes reforms dismantling Obamacare. The reforms envision a Medicaid program that has resources to help the truly needy and has transitioned healthy adults into the workforce where they can live better.

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