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Professional Development for the Network

“The team with the best players usually does win—this is why you need to invest the majority of your time and energy in developing your people.” Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric

In order to achieve State Policy Network’s vision of an America where all people flourish, it requires building teams that win. Building teams that win means making greater investment in the people who lead and will lead public policy organizations. For this reason, SPN offers a variety of professional development services designed to cultivate the talent that will elevate our Network and transform our nation.

Below is a list of these services, with a brief summary of each. To learn more, please contact SPN’s Senior Director of Leadership and Talent Development, Meredith Turney.

Meredith Turney

Senior Director of Leadership and Talent Development

Our Offerings


There’s a business axiom, “To grow the company, you must grow the leader.” Leadership coaching helps professionals identify areas for growth so they can then help their organization reach new levels of success. Whether it’s a leader struggling with an organization that’s plateaued, a new manager who needs help leading a team, or an individual who wants to reach higher levels of achievement, coaching is the catalyst for powerful transformation and greater success.

Culture Assessment

Organization culture is essential for attracting top talent and increasing employee engagement. SPN works with leaders to assess their current culture and then cultivate a healthy environment where staff can truly thrive.

Professional Development

One of the significant factors in employee turnover and lack of engagement is lack of opportunity for professional growth. Every staff member benefits from having their own personalized professional development plan. SPN works with managers and their teams to create plans so staff are constantly growing and moving towards their career goals.

Talent Strategy and Development

Hiring and cultivating the right talent is essential for achieving an organization’s mission. SPN works with leaders to determine the right talent to hire, how to attract it, and then ensure that talent is developed once part of the organization.

Criteria for Acceptance

SPN-Sponsored Professional Development Opportunities 

SPN considers each application on a case-by-case basis, but the following criteria are generally considered when selecting service recipients. These services are in high demand, and while SPN makes every effort to immediately offer services, there may be a waitlist for some offerings.

  • Organization is an SPN affiliate or partner.
  • Organization leadership is invested in the service and the commitment required to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Organization provides clear goals for the services, which will lead to organization outcomes (such as a policy win, increasing team collaboration, or attracting top talent).
  • Commitment to SPN Pledge and Promise.

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