Maine Heritage Policy Center presented its 2018 Freedom and Opportunity Award to Maine State Representative Heidi Sampson. Currently serving her first term in the Maine House, Sampson, of Alfred, Maine, immediately established herself as a champion for localized, student- and parent-driven schooling. She has a decades-long career in education, including years of service on the Maine State Board of Education, teaching science in public school, and teaching many courses to homeschoolers in addition to her own three children. Heidi has repeatedly demonstrated an unwavering commitment to empowering families in Maine so that every child can learn the skills needed to thrive in the global, 21st century economy.

Representative Sampson’s work to build coalitions and advance the debate in Augusta has been invaluable. It recently culminated with Governor LePage signing into law a repeal of proficiency-based diplomas. This repeal returns power and control from the state bureaucracy back to parents and teachers where it belongs. It represents a legislative victory for MHPC’s mission to improve the lives of Maine citizens by limiting and restraining the role of government.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai delivered the keynote address with a policy-oriented vision. He focused on net neutrality and closing the ‘digital divide’ between Americans with access to broadband service and those who do not have access.

Previous winners of the award include Neal Freeman and Governor LePage, among other Maine citizens who have demonstrated a core commitment to the principles of freedom and opportunity that serve to improve the economic well-being of the great state of Maine.