The Pelican Institute for Public Policy released its Jobs and Opportunity Agenda for Louisiana, a road map for reclaiming Louisiana as a land of opportunity for all its citizens. This agenda is the result of months of data-crunching, research, analysis, and consultation with experts from Louisiana and across the country. Over the next several months, Pelican will release deep-dive reports outlining reforms to the following systems in Louisiana: budget, taxes, local government, criminal justice, education, legal and regulatory structures, and Medicaid.

Pelican also began a major campaign to turn Louisiana around. The Pelican team will be traveling the state speaking to groups, as well as engaging in debates and forums to make the case for true, fundamental reform. The Institute has also launched an advertising campaign to highlight the deep challenges Louisianans face on a variety of major issues. Pelican has begun airing the first of these ads, which explores the many roadblocks to a balanced Louisiana budget.

Pelican CEO Daniel Erspamer has been toured the state as part of a media blitz to announce the launch. The policy platform, along with the research papers and creative content releases, is part of Pelican Institute’s unveiling of its new vision for Louisiana, which consists of sweeping reforms to encourage the return of jobs and opportunity back to the state.