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OCPA pushes for more efficient government, fights Medicaid expansion

The 2019 Oklahoma legislative session included passage of many reforms that the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA) has endorsed for years. Among some of the largest victories were reforms that gave the governor the ability to name the leaders of five major agencies in the state, as well as reforms that created a Legislative Office of Fiscal Transparency—which will conduct performance evaluations of state agencies and devised statutes that require state agencies to report the use of all federal funds in a transparent manner. These measures, if implemented correctly, should result in better oversight of government, less waste, and greater freedom for the citizens of Oklahoma.

Additionally, OCPA pushed back welfare expansion in Oklahoma by successfully stopping efforts at the Capitol to expand Medicaid. Expanding Medicaid in Oklahoma could trap up to 628,000 able-bodied, working-age adults in dependency and cost state taxpayers up to $374 million per year. OCPA continues to lead the fight against expanding Medicaid to ensure state resources are not diverted from the truly needy in Oklahoma.

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