Palmetto Promise Institute is celebrating five years of impact. Since 2013, PPI’s lean, outcomes-driven team has developed a proven formula for success: research + relationships = results. The Institute has informed legislative successes like K–12 tax credit scholarships, the Founding Principals Act, Right to Try, and Volunteer Care. It also has provided the research firepower necessary to stop the “fool’s gold” of Medicaid expansion and the federal overreach of Common Core. PPI is leading solutions-focused conversations and building coalitions to accomplish big-ticket items like pro-growth tax reform, expanding education opportunity, and delivering actionable solutions to South Carolina’s energy crisis. In short, Palmetto Promise is accomplishing its founding mission: to fill South Carolina’s vision vacuum and supply fresh, effective leadership for the state’s future.

Looking ahead to the next five years, the Institute is more determined than ever to redeem the Palmetto State’s promise of freedom and unleash an opportunity revolution that empowers every individual in South Carolina to reach their full potential. PPI’s strategic focus on reliable research, paired with effective communications, citizen engagement, and leadership development, has positioned it to make significant strides forward in education, healthcare, energy, and tax policy.

In celebrating this milestone, PPI would like to express deep gratitude for the unstinting peer support from State Policy Network. Generous friendships and keen insights have helped PPI put down roots, grow expertise, overcome obstacles, dream bigger, and work harder. Thank you for partnering in PPI’s hope-filled work for freedom.