By Gina Diorio

Ten—even five—years ago, public pension reform was a pipe dream in Pennsylvania. Now, it’s reality. The state Legislature passed transformative reform with major 401(k)-style components. What’s more, Governor Tom Wolf—who vetoed pension reform in 2015—will sign it!

What changed?

For more than a decade, Commonwealth Foundation has been relentlessly fighting for reform—when lawmakers were uninterested and government union leaders denied a crisis existed. But Commonwealth Foundation helped change the political culture. In 2016, a poll showed most Pennsylvania voters wanted reform, and over the last several elections, Pennsylvanians increasingly supported lawmakers who would make reform a priority—and now, a reality. If this kind of change can happen against all odds in a state of Pennsylvania’s size and influence, it can happen anywhere.

Photo Credit: Commonwealth Foundation

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Gina Diorio is director of media relations at the Commonwealth Foundation.