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Preparing for a strong recovery in Alaska

The Alaska Policy Forum continues to work to protect individual freedom and encourage economic stability, which are needed now more than ever. The current and coming economic crisis is an incomparable situation which was created in part by government actions in response to a serious health crisis. Thus, APF encourages the Alaska government to respond in ways that boost economic growth and provide relief to individuals.

APF’s Recovery Agenda for Alaska outlines over a dozen policy prescriptions that will ensure a quicker economic recovery and protect the health of Alaskans. Common-sense reforms—from suspending certificate-of-need laws and allowing pharmacists to prescribe routine medications, to extending driver’s licenses and deferring property tax payments—will allow health professionals the freedom to fight COVID-19 while giving Alaskans some much-needed financial relief.

Additionally, APF is informing the public on ways to reduce the spread of COVID-19, such as encouraging the use of telehealth options and discouraging the use of reusable grocery bags. The swiftest way out of this crisis is to work together as Alaskans, and as Americans, to keep our families, friends, and neighbors safe. The APF team wishes good health to all Americans around the country as we work to ensure a strong recovery in Alaska and across the nation.

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