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PRI leads the fight against government-run healthcare in 2020

Educating Americans about the dangers of government-run healthcare tops the Pacific Research Institute’s 2020 legislative agenda.

As Governor Gavin Newsom’s Healthy California for All commission begins its push toward single-payer healthcare, PRI President, CEO, and Thomas W. Smith Fellow in Healthcare Policy Sally Pipes released her new book, False Premise, False Promise: The Disastrous Reality of Medicare for All. The book, an number one bestseller for healthcare policy books, makes the case against single-payer healthcare, and offers a vision for market-based healthcare reforms.

PRI is also countering Governor Gavin Newsom’s plan for a new California prescription drug label. Through a new issue brief and a recent interview on PRI’s “Next Round” podcast, Senior Fellow Dr. Wayne Winegarden argued that price caps and more government controls won’t help patients or lower costs.

Other items on PRI’s 2020 California agenda include showing how school choice helps students with special needs—the subject of a forthcoming book by Lance Izumi. Following the enactment of California’s Assembly Bill 5 that targets the ability of millions to earn a living as independent contractors, PRI’s Breaking Down Barriers to Opportunity series will make the case that entrepreneurship is vital to growing the gig economy and fostering innovation. Addressing the state’s ongoing homeless crisis will also be a major PRI focus. PRI will release an upcoming book that evaluates government’s anti-homelessness efforts and explores private sector reforms to clean up the streets.

PRI’s work in each of these areas will be showcased at our second annual “California Ideas in Action” policy conference in Sacramento on February 19, 2020.