Louisiana lawmakers only have discretionary authority over 11 percent of the state’s $31 billion budget. Meanwhile, Louisiana taxpayers will be paying $800 million more in taxes this year as they deal with the results of yet another year of economic decline.

All this as so many states across the country enjoy a booming economy and the benefits of federal tax reform. Burdened by a complex and cumbersome tax code and this broken budget process, jobs and opportunity are leaving for greener pastures, and nothing short of fundamental reform will turn Louisiana back the economic malaise that has plagued it for years.

In September, the Pelican Institute will launch an ambitious “Jobs and Opportunity for Louisiana” campaign, which will engage citizens, lawmakers, and opinion leaders in a vision for fundamental reform of state government. The campaign will include deep-dive policy analyses and recommendations in the areas of budget, tax, legal, regulatory, criminal justice, healthcare, and K–12 education policies. It will be supported by an aggressive media and marketing campaign aimed at building a robust and active movement for fundamental reform in the coming years. The first series of advertisements have already been deployed, and thousands of Louisianans have already joined the movement.

Watch the Institute’s website over the coming months, as each new phase of the campaign rolls out.