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Serving as a COVID-19 resource in Massachusetts

Pioneer Institute has worked to encourage Governor Baker to issue an advisory—rather than an emergency order—for residents to stay at home, out of concerns for the protection of civil rights. And Pioneer urged many exemptions to the governor’s emergency order concerning businesses and organizations that were adopted.

After debate in the Massachusetts Legislature, the Institute released a public statement urging the governor to delay the state tax filing deadline, which he subsequently did. Pioneer has led the public conversation on how to manage the state budget, including Medicaid, pension shortfalls, and the unemployment insurance program, with coverage in The Boston Globe, and numerous regional print, radio, and TV outlets across the state.

The governor ordered the expansion of telehealth, an action Pioneer has long recommended, for all in-network providers in Massachusetts. In response to Pioneer’s op-ed recommending further expansion, the Department of Public Health is allowing across state line telehealth for all providers. The Massachusetts Health and Human Services Secretary expanded the scope-of-practice of many nurse practitioners, a move suggested by the Institute.

Pioneer has been pressuring the state education department to move ahead with regulatory reform on digital learning through op-eds, analyses, and communication with school committees. Pioneer has connected the country’s best experts on digital learning with our traditional public, charter, Catholic, Jewish Day, and vocational-technical school communities.

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