State Policy Network President Tracie Sharp was featured in a December 9, 2016 Wall Street Journal Weekend Interview, “The Spoils of the Republican State Conquest.”

State Policy Network Featured in Wall Street Journal

“In the war of ideas, a think tank is like a munitions factory, churning out the matériel to push the trench line a few miles forward. As luck would have it, Republican state lawmakers will be well equipped next year when they begin one of the largest conservative offensives in recent memory. Come January the GOP will hold “trifectas”-total control of both legislative chambers and the governorship-in 25 states, up from 10 in 2009.

If lawmakers have any questions about where to begin, one place with answers is the State Policy Network, a federation of 65 free-market think tanks ranging from Anchorage, Alaska, to San Juan, Puerto Rico. “At the end of the day, people want jobs. They want security. That’s our bread and butter,” says Tracie Sharp, the group’s president. “We feel like for such a time as this, we’ve built up this network. We need to really run. This is a state moment.”

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The article also highlighted work from around the network with recognition of:

  • Beacon Center of Tennessee’s work on repeal of the Hall Tax;
  • Bluegrass Institute and Show-Me Institute’s work on right-to-work and charter schools;
  • Granite Institute’s prediction that right-to-work has a fighting chance; 
  • Public Interest Institute’s budget battles;
  • Commonwealth Foundation’s public sector union reforms;
  • Center for American Experiment’s tax reform; and 
  • Illinois Policy Institute’s budget and institutional reforms.