For 25 years, State Policy Network has been laying the groundwork for a state-based freedom movement. Washington, DC, and Congress have proven time and again that they will not act, but that has not stopped the states from leading the way. We believe that real and lasting positive change—where all Americans thrive—originates in communities and emanates from effective networks of leaders and activists with the capabilities to accomplish change at the state level.

In those 25 years, the SPN network has grown to 66 state-based think tanks who are committed to delivering results that strengthen working families and defend our rights by promoting policies that create a level playing field and safeguard personal freedom, economic liberty, rule of law, property rights, and limited government.

This network would not exist if it weren’t for your hard work and support. Through your partnership with State Policy Network, you’ve been connecting effective, entrepreneurial leaders with the best strategies and resources to advance the cause. You’ve been incubating and accelerating across the states the best ideas and solutions to create opportunity for all Americans. And, you’ve been defending our ideas and our network, thwarting aggressive attacks from our ideological opponents who see the success we’re having in the states.

To celebrate SPN’s 25th Anniversary, we are launching an ambitious Giving Tuesday campaign to raise $25,000. One very generous supporter has stepped up and made a bold matching gift challenge. He’s agreed to match every new gift to State Policy Network made through the end of the year up to $250,000.

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Thank you for everything you do to grow the network and strengthen freedom for all Americans.


President & CEO, State Policy Network