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TFAS launches new podcast with episode on fighting COVID-19 with free-market principles

The Fund for American Studies is committed to providing more digital content as COVID-19 closes doors to traditional classrooms. As part of that effort, TFAS is proud to announce the TFAS “Liberty + Leadership” Podcast. Our first episode, “Fighting COVID-19 with Free-Market Principles,” features a timely 16-minute discussion with economist and TFAS Academic Director Dr. Anne Bradley on how the power of the market can be unleashed to help us fight COVID-19. Dr. Bradley noted:

“We need the market now more than ever. No one government, no one leader, no one bureaucrat can design a solution to this problem. So what does that mean? It means we have to work together to solve the problem. And so, we need to unleash human creativity as fast as we can right now—that’s the lesson of economics.”

Dr. Bradley breaks down how we can use economic principles to understand and confront this crisis. The conversation touched on what the private sector and governments should and should not be doing to boost our economy and how deregulations, businesses, and individuals are providing aid.

This episode was recorded on Friday, March 27. Some examples may become outdated as the COVID-19 situation and response rapidly evolve.

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