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The Buckeye Institute files first major post-Janus labor challenge in the US Supreme Court

The Buckeye Institute has filed the first significant First Amendment labor-law challenge in the US Supreme Court since the landmark June 2018 decision in Janus v. AFSCME. The case, Uradnik v. Inter Faculty Organization, calls for an immediate end to laws that force public-sector employees to accept a union’s exclusive representation.

Upon filing the case, Robert Alt, a lead attorney on the case and the president and chief executive officer of The Buckeye Institute said, “After years of being forced to speak through a union that advocated against her interests, today Professor Uradnik spoke in her own voice, and asked the Supreme Court to protect her First Amendment rights.”

Twenty-one nationally renowned public policy organizations filed amicus briefs calling on the Supreme Court to hear the case, including the Competitive Enterprise Institute, National Association of Scholars, National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, and a coalition of 18 leading policy organizations.

Andrew M. Grossman, a partner at BakerHostetler in Washington, DC, and counsel of record on the Uradnik v. IFO petition, said the support the case has received “confirms it is deserving of review by the US Supreme Court, and the lower courts’ refusal to acknowledge that forced exclusive representation violates the First Amendment calls for the Supreme Court’s intervention.”

Kathy Uradnik’s case was filed just hours after the Supreme Court’s landmark Janus decision was handed down, and is one of three cases The Buckeye Institute has filed calling on courts to end compelled exclusive representation. Buckeye is representing Professor Kathy Uradnik in Minnesota, Professor Jonathan Reisman in Maine, and Jade Thompson in Ohio. Hear why each of them have taken the courageous step to demand their First Amendment rights be respected.

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