State Policy Network
Week in Review: June 12, 2020

This weekly round-up shares the latest news about what the Network is doing to promote state-based solutions that will improve the lives of families, workers, and local communities. If you are an SPN member and have an update you’d like us to include in next week’s round-up, please email us at (all submissions are subject to SPN approval).

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Community engagement amidst civil unrest
How can our Network begin to understand today’s cultural and social issues and develop meaningful action?

The power of affiliation: Why participation in professional groups is vital during and after a crisis
SPN’s Meredith Turney explains why and how connecting and collaborating with peers helps us thrive.

Protecting Americans from government overreach
State think tanks empower states to protect Americans’ constitutional rights during the coronavirus.


Success Stories

Solutions from the states: This week’s policy briefs

Alaska’s Budget Deficit Worsened Due to COVID-19 Tax Alaskans or Tighten Our Belts?
Alaska Policy Forum

States are About to Be Hit By a Medicaid Tidal Wave
Foundation for Government Accountability

Research identifies benefits of spending more on police, not defunding it
John Locke Foundation

2020 Green Book: KPI Fact Book Exploring the Relationship between the Size of Government and Economic Growth
Kansas Policy Institute

Quick Facts on Medicaid Expansion in Oklahoma
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

Declaring an Emergency: Cross-State Comparisons and Recommendations for Reform
Pegasus Institute

As COVID-19 Pandemic Spurs Consumer Shift to E-Commerce, the Massachusetts Sales Tax Collection System Deserves Renewed Scrutiny
Pioneer Institute

Class Dismissed: Massachusetts’ Lack of Preparedness for K–12 Digital Learning During COVID-19
Pioneer Institute

Albuquerque Public Schools v. Southwestern Regional School Districts: How Does Spending and Student Performance Stack Up?
Rio Grande Foundation

State think tanks respond to police force and racial injustice

Research & Initiatives

Think Tanks in the News